Family Living Abroad? Tips To help You Stay In Touch

Sometimes we can be separated from our family. Perhaps a fantastic work opportunity has come up in another country, or people want a change of scenery and a new adventure for themselves. This might be your parents, siblings or other family members. It isn’t uncommon anymore for UK residents to reside in other countries, most popular being places like America, Australia or Spain. So while it may feel difficult with a lot of air miles between you, there are some fantastic ways you can keep in touch or make things easier on everyone. With that in mind, here are my tips to help you stay in touch.


Skype or FaceTime


Video calls have really transformed the way we keep in touch with family living away from us. FaceTime on an iPhone or Skype as an app means that as long as you are connected to WiFi or the internet, you can see that other family member in a matter of seconds. This can be a huge comfort and makes the conversation much easier as it is just chatting as if you were in person together. It’s also great to capture special occasions like Christmas mornings or birthdays.


Make it easy for a face to face visit


You can’t beat a face to face visit, and sometimes this can be few and far between due to airfare costs and logistics. But you could make things easier on yourself by letting your family know about the family visitor visa which could make all that paperwork a little easier to handle.


Get inspired by snail mail once more


There is something quite nostalgic about receiving a handwritten letter in the post. This might be a card, a letter or even including a few little things in the package like pictures or postcards. It’s a lovely way to take a moment to read the words someone has carefully considered writing to you. While we may not all have time for it, if you can sending a letter every once in awhile will be a lovely change.


Create a family Whatsapp or Facebook group


Technology has advanced so much these days, and so it is easier to send instant messages to one another via things like Whatsapp or Facebook. This way you are using your internet so this could be free on WiFi or using your data allowance from your phone provider. It’s a great way to send photographs or keep in touch in real time.


Use photo sharing apps to keep family in the loop


If you want a quick and easy way to share snaps, there are some fantastic applications you can download that will enable you and family members to share a stream of photographs and each upload to it. You may also want to consider a private Instagram account which is another easy way to share snaps of what you have been up to.


Start an online blog sharing your family adventures
The internet is a quick and easy way to connect with people, so if you want to keep family up to date with your news then why not consider starting an online blog? It’s a lovely way for you to share photographs and descriptions of what you have been up to, as well as keep an online diary for yourself for the future.


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