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When Facebook groups changed to pages a few years ago it seemed that groups would become a more private space – a bit like what is now Facebook messaging. Over the last twelve months or so though Facebook groups are becoming as every bit essential to me as a social media manager as the main business pages.

What is the difference?

Well facebook groups have some element of exclusivity as they’re often closed or secret.

They provide an element of community that differs to that of a page. With only its members being able to see the content people often talk more freely.

It provides a secure space for feedback or support.

Why use them?

The main reason I’ve used facebook groups so far is for that sense of community. For a brand using the groups it can mean you can have all your ambassadors and reviewers in one place. Add your client in too so they can see your thriving community and see what is being done around their campaigns. Transparency is a great thing! 

It can replace your newsletter! More often than not newsletters are ditched into junk. Pop a special offer or event in Facebook and you may find it has better reach and more social commentary.

It’s easy. Everyone wants easy access to information and if a good percentage of your customer group are using this platform then focus more on making it easy for them to interact.

With facebook pages the platform is now pushing for more payment. Not everyone can afford a paid boost but where interaction has decreased in one area (Pages) you can boost it in another. 

One last thing

Groups gives you no boosted option yet I’ve found people are more likely to see and interact IF you give them a lively space to do so. I’m less likely to turn off notifications from a group that’s active and not all about the hard sell!

Oh and before you go I run a few lovely groups you can join for more tips!

Social Sparkle Social Media Support group

UK Freelancers and Pro Bloggers Group

Brighton (and Sussex) Bloggers and Freelancers


Blog Babywearing Club

If you’d like help setting up an ambassador programme or facebook group please contact chelle@socialsparkle.co.uk


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  1. April 28, 2016 / 10:39 am

    I love facebook groups for chatting to my blogger friends in a secure area, you’ve summed it up perfectly really!
    I’ve just requested to join the freelancer/pro blogger group, thanks for sharing and I look forward to the jaffa cakes ha!

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