Exploring Nature With Brainstorm’s Outdoor Adventure Range

We are right next to Brighton Racecourse and this time of year there is so much wildlife around to see on our daily walks around this green area of Brighton. We were sent the Outdoor Adventure Range from Brainstorm to help with our nature walks and we loved using them over the last few weeks.

We were sent the night time vision torch, magnifying glass and binoculars. The second two have been pretty much part of daily life since!

Jedi loves the magnifying glass and spotting caterpillars, snails and all the things along the ground/below knee height. Fizz decided the binoculars were hers and has pretty much become a bird spotter (and some butterflies too!).

We have yet to use the night-time vision torch as it is still light at bedtime but I think towards the end of the summer we will get this out to use again.

Here are the photos of our daily adventures!

We would really recommend these products if you want to encourage your child to learn about nature, natural habitats and also responsible ways to protect nature as they will create great discussions whenever you use them!




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