What To Expect: A Second Pregnancy

It is my second pregnancy so this time around I am feeling things a little earlier that normal. It has been an odd pregnancy second time around. So different from my first pregnancy. I have also forgotten a lot this time around too so here are a few things I am starting to remember/experience again.


Flutterings: When I was pregnant with Fizz I felt these for the first time around 18-19 weeks. I knew that often mums can feel these much earlier in subsequent pregnancies. I started to feel something around 12 weeks but convinced myself that it wasn’t possible so early. Turns out it is.
Appointments: This time I have less with the midwife and more with various other people. Level 11 is becoming pretty well known to me already for glucose testing, blood testing, scans and next up a consultant.
Bumpage: The bump is huge at 16 weeks. It has taken me by surprise!
Sickness: woahhh it was no where near this bad last time. This time I have actual vomiting. My head feels like it wants to explode afterwards.
Tiredness: Yes I know with a small person around it was bound to be more tiring this time. I am so lucky that I work freelance now. I have had to adapt both my working hours and Fizz’s nursery hours to ensure that tiredness does not have a knock on both areas. Fizz seems to love full nursery days so that’s a win now as is the fact that daddy can do drop off and pick ups too.
What did you find surprising second time around?

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