Review: Ewan The Sleep Sheep

This week we’ve been sent a Ewan the sheep to test from easidream.We got Ewan out of the box and soon as the parcel arrived and first impressions are Mini loves it!! She has been cuddling Ewan for most of the morning…and slightly chewed a paw.Our first nap is taking place right now with Ewan next to Mini.

All four sounds are nice and soothing, and have a womb sound playing underneath. Sounds range from a lovely musical melosy to white noise such as a hoover, water, Playing the soothing music was our favourite and Daddy McCann was throughly impressed.  I was tempted to have a nap too.

Some of you may now Mini is a bit of a raver baby and we do have sleeping issues at the moment. We’ll obviously keep you posted about our experience with Ewan.

Easidream and Ewan will be at Brighton’s Baby Expo show so go see them at stand 51 or you can find Ewan at and he costs £29.99.

Stay in internet contact to get an update on cuddles and sleep with Ewan!Well two days into using the sleep sheep and we have one dramatic result already.

Mini McCann usually sleeps for 1/2 hour naps twice a day and for the past two days her 11am nap has been a 2.5 hour nap. Obviously this means no napping after 4pm as she has a strict 8pm bedtime but I am happy that she is getting more sleep during the day. It gives me time to catch up with housework, eating a proper lunch and also blog/twitter without feeling guilty.

At the start of todays nap Mini even turned away from me and held out for Ewans paw!

So cute, I wanted a picture but didn’t want to wake her.

I’ll be updating again after a few night times (where our major sleep issues are) soon.


So we are nearly a week with using Ewan. This is a picture of what I found today when going to check on Mini Mc napping. One hand her Wicket and the other Ewan. Look at that cheeky smile.

I have to admit that the Ewan has helped us quite a bit. When it is on Mini’s naps tend to be twice as long, as do her wake ups in the early evening.

We are still having issues with her not being able to self settle between 11pm and 1am and we are still co-sleeping from around this time but I truly believe that Ewan has helped us start to feel like we are gaining control over overtiredness and baby’s lack of naps.