Energy Efficient Ways To Deal With Chilly Homes


Does your home always feel cold, even in the summer months? Are you wrapping up warm, even though your heating is on at full blast? If so, then there are problems within your home that need fixing. Thankfully, we are here to help. Here are the reasons why your home may be cold, and what you can do to warm yourself up again.

Issues with the radiators

Radiators are a great way of warming up the house, but you won’t get the benefit when they are covered, or furnishings are blocking the heat. Therefore, forego radiator covers, no matter how attractive they look, and pull your sofa and other furniture out of the way to let the heat warm the room efficiently. If the radiators are slow to warm up after turning on the central heating, then you may need to bleed them. You might also consider replacing your radiator, so take a look at for more information.

You have single-glazed windows

You may have read our article at on winter-proofing your home. We gave you some great advice there, and that included dealing with the problems in your 

windows. Single-glazed windows can lose around a quarter of the heat from our home. The expensive way of dealing with the problem is to replace the windows with something double or triple glazed. However, a simpler option is to buy insulating film which can be applied to the window pane, although you may have trouble opening the window afterwards.

Draughts are creeping in

Feeling the cold air on the back of your neck can be annoying, especially when you don’t know where the draught is coming from. Often, the source is through gaps in the doors and windows and you can make some simple steps around the home. For example, add a brush to the letterbox, and insert a cover over the keyhole on the door. Buying a draught excluder is a non-permanent solution to place next to offending doors. However, you should consider filling up any gaps in doors and windows with caulk and weather-stripping as a longer term answer to the problem.

You are losing heat through the floors

Not only are tiled and wooden floors cold to walk on, but they are also losing more heat than carpeted surfaces. If you don’t have carpets on your floors, then you might consider putting down extra rugs to conserve the heat and fill in any gaps in the floorboards with advice from Underfloor heating and flooring insulation is also a good idea, but this can be expensive.

Heat is escaping through the roof

Heat rises, so you will lose a lot of warmth when it escapes through your roof. You could pay for a professional loft insulation, but you may be able to do it yourself, so check out for advice on how to go about it.

Final word

By implementing the steps above, you will conserve the heat in your home, and cut down on those pesky heating bills. Stay warm!


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