Encouraging Eating At The Table

We have all been there! Little ones don’t like to sit still and all 3 children in our household are quite fidgety so it can be difficult to get them all to sit still. Once one starts to get down from the table the others copy. It can be quite frustrating as it means dinner is left only for them to tell me an hour later they’re hungry.

So I have put together a few ideas!

Buy them their own dishes/cutlery and placemats.

This means they feel ownership over their meals and they wont fight over who got which plate for dinner! We have these Bibetta placemats and Jedi loves to grab his from the draw and put it away! They’re easy to wash and dry too which makes it ideal for messy play as well!

Let them have an activity at the table.

Something non tech is always ideal and we have a rule of no tablets/ipads at the table. Colouring pages or a few small figures that can pretend to eat dinner too are great at catching little ones imagination.

Let them choose what they would like to eat.

I offer two choices at dinner (our 7 year old is super fussy!) and sometimes offer a mere selection rather than a full meal. Kids often need less to eat than we think so big plates and portions can be quite daunting.

Talk to them about their day.

It is always a good space to talk about their day, even for the babblers. By having limited distractions and not being straight after school/nursery I find that the dinner table is a great way to interact with the kids. Ask them questions that don’t afford a yes/no answer and you may get more out of them then on the post school/home dash.

What tips do you have for encouraging eating at the dinner table?




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