Why You Should Encourage Your Kids To Get Outside More

Encouraging your kids to get outside more is vital for their development. Too many kids stay cooped up indoors on games consoles and computers these days. While playing games and watching TV can sometimes be good for their development, getting outside is one of the best ways to speed things up. Here’s why you should encourage and support your kids to get outside:

Get Fresh Air And Sunlight

Kids need fresh air and sunlight to be healthy. Everybody does! You can never get too much fresh air or sun. Being cooped up indoors all the time is no good for the body, so it’s only healthy to encourage your kids to get outside. You can get outside with them to make sure you’re getting enough of it too.

Stay Activeimg_7242

When kids are spending more time outside, they are more likely to stay active. They could be climbing trees, playing hopscotch, building things – anything along those lines. Whether they are alone or with their friends, they’re much more likely to be healthy, active individuals. You could play sports with them or invite their friends over for playdates in the garden. Making them play areas is a good idea too.


Learn About Gardening And Wildlife

Getting your kids outside can help them to learn all about gardening and wildlife. They might even develop a new hobby! Learning about wildlife can help them in their school studies and give them an idea of how to best treat wildlife and things they find in the garden. There are even community gardening projects they could get involved in. Not only will they learn a lot, they can also make lots of new friends!

Strengthen Immune Systems

Kids need to get outside to strengthen their immune systems. Too many parents worry about getting their floors dirty and having to bathe the kids more than once a day, but it’s all for their health. Kids can strengthen their immune systems by coming into contact with dirt and other things. It’s what kids are supposed to do!

Teach Important Life Skills

Finally, encouraging your kids to get outside more will teach them important life skills. Playing outside where they can do whatever they like can help them develop problem solving skills and increase their focus. Kids are usually healthier, happier, and better at getting along with others when they play outside. Playing outside can help them progress in all areas of their lives. While playing indoors and on computers can sometimes develop life skills, playing outside is probably the healthiest and most natural way to do it.


See? Everybody should encourage their kids to get outside more. It doesn’t mean you need to send them out into the street unsupervised or let them go running wild wherever they like. It just means you should send them out into the garden more to have fun. You can encourage them by giving them chalk and other outdoor fun stuff to use. Do it with them to set an example. 


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  1. June 30, 2016 / 11:26 pm

    We just need the rain and wind to stop pelting against the windows then we will be back at it!

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