Education Choices For The Family

When it came to choosing my university options I had two choices English and Photography. I had a passion for both and it was a difficult decision to pick between my two loves.

I had spent 2 years in a newly built dark room smelling of vinegar for days on end but loved the process from taking the shot to developing my own prints. One day I’d love to do that again. Instead I chose English but my love of photography has never been far away. I decided on a uni close to home at first and realising I had made a mistake I then picked a smaller Uni 5 hours away from home. I found choosing the right Uni was really difficult and would have loved someone to help me decide which university would be best for me.

When it comes to the children and their future I would invest in helping them get through he university process, it’s so tough now and to be guaranteed your first choice takes hard work and a good tutoring. I already know that with SATS at school our young are under so much pressure but it is my responsibility as a parent to get them the right support every step of their education.

More recently I have returned to education, I find that as a mum it can be a really difficult to access further education especially if the children limit what time you have available. I have looked at returning to Uni and have no clue where to start, although I have been through the process a few times. Previously I had chosen the wrong space at the wrong Uni and it is quite a costly thing to do as a parent with the needs of a growing family. I have started some short online courses and it means that maybe when the children are all in education I might just be able to apply again for a course that could be my final career break!

How do you feel about going into education? Let me know how and why you chose your university options.




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