Is Eating In The New Eating Out?

Is Eating In The New Eating Out?

As a parent of three we don’t really get to go out to eat very much. It can get rather expensive to set up a sitter, meal out and any transport. As a treat we often get take out delivered and this week we gave Deliveroo a try and ordered from our local Pizza Express which has opened at Brighton Marina.

Our deliveroo account was opened as minutes and we grabbed £10 towards our first order. We also had £20 allocated to help review the service. The account was easy to set up and the order system was relatively easy. For just under £30 we ordered a pizza each and a children’s meal for Fizz as she was up later than her brothers.

img_9501The meal arrived in under an hour and I did feel for the delivery driver who was on a pushbike rather than a moped! This also meant our food was pretty much cold when it arrived. However it was all very very tasty. It wasn’t very photogenic so we do have to apologise for that!


We were very impressed with the kids meal which came with a pizza, dough balls, salad and brownie for £5.95 – it was very tasty and although cold the ingredients tasted very fresh.

So is eating in the new eating out?

We will try Deliveroo again at some point again as it is a lifesaver for parents to get the odd takeaway – however I do think that the delivery method of using bikes may need to be revisited to ensure that customers are not left with cold food/orders. For now we will go to the Marina for our next Pizza Express.



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  1. October 6, 2016 / 9:52 am

    I have seen them driving around motorbikes so probably just a one-off? Food looks delicious though! Love a good pizza

  2. October 9, 2016 / 10:41 pm

    MMMM if only we had a take away close by.

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