Dress Up Your Rental: Non-Invasive Ways To Make A Rental Your Own

Many people rent these days. Some through choice, others through necessity. The ludicrous housing prices these days force many into rental. Renting can be fine if it suits you, but the downside is usually a huge limitation on what you can do to the property to make it your own. Structural changes are a big no no and sometimes you can’t even paint or change the properties’ furnishes and fixtures such as in the kitchen. But there are ways you can make a rental your own. It may be harder because of the restrictions, but if your put your mind to it, it’s certainly possible to make it feel like home.


Use Pictures To Mask Unwanted Wallpaper


If you aren’t allowed to change the paint or wallpaper on a property then the only thing to do is use pictures to try and mask it and draw attention away. Don’t worry about making a hole in the wall, you can use sticky holdings which won’t damage the plaster or paint so your landlord will still be happy. You can use photos of you and the family to really give it that personal touch and mix these in with canvas prints. You can get some use pictures, prints and photos to make a focal point of the living room and cover most of a wall. This is a fine way of diverting attention away from unwanted paint and tacky wallpaper.




Get Your Own Furniture


In some places this may not be possible. But sometimes it’s fine to use your own furniture. Granted, it may be a pain moving furniture from one place to the other every few months if you like to change your rental or if you plan on getting your own place. But it can be a great way of making the rental your own. Most people don’t want furniture that has been used by scores of other people and families, and being forced to use a certain set of furniture can be really annoying. So use your own. A sofa is a must, especially if you spend lots of time in front of the TV. As well is the bed. If you can get your own furniture then you’ll likely be much happier. Even haggle with your landlord about it, they may make a concession or two. After all, they want to keep you happy and take your money.


House Plants


In corners or on shelves, house plants can really brighten up dull wallpaper and musky passages. They are containable too, so they won’t annoy your landlord at all. They also have the added benefit of flooding your home with clean air, so there are huge health benefits to using house plants. You can get them in all sizes and when coupled with varying sizes of pictures you can really cover up walls and tardy corners. Some plants can come with colour too, such as red berries for example, which can support the colour theme and style you’re going for.  


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