Dreaming Of The Ideal Family Home

I don’t know about your readers but I am forever browsing property online through Internet estate agents.

I lust over certain areas in Brighton, search then and then look again in far flung places. My ideal is a beach house in Cornwall. It seems a lot more reasonably priced compared to Brighton thats for sure and with a sure fire win of a sandy beach too. Don’t get me wrong we love Brighton and part of our intention to stay where we are for a few more years is because we are lucky enough to still have a disposable income and I can work flexibly around the school run.

But dreaming of that ideal family home with enough bedrooms and a lovely large garden has me comparing prices and daydreaming of colour schemes!

My musts for the next move are:

A house rather than a flat – We are currently the middle of 3 floors and I would ideally like them to be all ours rather than a sandwich. Although I am sure i won’t enjoy the heating bill as much.

A garden – one where we can entertain and the kids can play, maybe enough space to have a granny apartment for family that would like to stay

An extra bedroom – this would mean everyone has their own bedroom and I think this is essential for privacy as the kids get older.

Being near the sea – so we are 30 minutes walk from the sea now and we do have a slight sea view but I would love to be a short walk to the seaside.

I am not sure what style I would look at whether new build or a more traditional look, I think its more about the inside then the outside, living in a flat has made me not worry so much about outside appearance but I can see me heading to a more Georgian look with a modern interior.

Do you dream about moving? Where and what would be your dream house?


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