Drawbacks Shmawbacks! How To Do What You Love – As A Parent

Let’s face it – there are some drawbacks to being a parent. As amazing as it is, there are some things that we just can’t do when we have little people to look after. At least, we don’t think that we can. What if these things were open to us and the options were available? A lot of the time, we are conditioning ourselves to social norms that have been impressed on us by the people around us, or how we ourselves were brought up. We’re now living in the 21st century; the technological advancements that we have made are there to be taken advantage of, and transferred and adapted to how we our living our lives as parents today.




Leaving On A Jet Plane


Almost everybody who is a parent gets away on holiday at some point during their kids’ childhoods, whether they’re going for a weekend getaway in their country of residence or catching a flight to take them to where they need to be. However, there are some who just aren’t satisfied with the holiday; they want to move entirely, for a bit longer than a couple of weeks (maybe months, years) to another location which is not country that their child was born in. Put simply – they want to move abroad. A lot of people wait until their kids have grown up, citing family as the main reason for why they need to stay. (Note it’s not a ‘want’ to stay.) Flights to other countries are getting cheaper and more convenient for us to catch. We simply have to go online and click a button, and we could even be travelling for cheap that same day. There are removals companies which make relocation a doddle, and we can now even update our friends and family every step of the way now that WiFi is accessible from the air. There are almost no limitations to what we can do and the ease of being able to do it.


Holding Down A Career


It used to be the case that you either had to choose between being a parent or doing well in your career. It was a this or that case scenario. It isn’t how it is anymore, and more and more parents are utilising the skills and experiences that they have learned whilst being a parent and putting them into practise either back in their old jobs or taking a different path entirely. This may come in the form of online children’s boutiques, a rise in work-from-home jobs which are using social media to engage their audiences and so many more forms to even begin to list.


Looking Amazing

Being a parent does mean that you have to put others’ needs first the majority of the time, but in no way should it mean that you have to neglect yours. Putting time into yourself can help massively boost confidence that is often lost at the start of your parenting journey, and so take all the time that you need (or that is available to you!) to get yourself feeling as glam and as brilliant as the


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