Don’t Forget the Garden this Winter

Just because it’s getting colder and rain is starting to become a more frequent visitor to the garden, doesn’t mean that you can avoid going out there at all.

Winter might be pretty desolate, so your garden might not look as pretty as it usually does, and it certainly won’t feel as comfortable, but there are still lots of jobs that need to be done…

Protecting Your Plants

The cold weather in the garden might be unpleasant for you, but it can be downright dangerous for your precious plants, which is why you should be out there adding at least 5 centimetres worth extra mulch and feed around your plants to protect them from the cold and ensure they make it through to spring. It’s a great time to be thinking about the grass and keeping it healthy. Order in some fertiliser from The Grass People to make sure your plants and grass have the best protection for the colder seasons. 

Be Ready with a Frost Tunnel

When temperatures start to plummet, you might need to run out to the garden with frost tunnels or cloths to give your plants and flowers some extra protection.

Clean the Greenhouse

Winter is the perfect time to give the greenhouse a good clean, After all, you’re going to have to go in there to take care of your year-round plants and flowers, and the greenhouse will at least give you some protection from the elements, while you’re cleaning the inside portion at least!

Feed the Birds

The winter is pretty tough for our feathered friends, who find it a lot more difficult to get enough food at this time of year. Help them out by stocking up on high-quality bird seed and fat balls and make sure you get out there and replenish the stocks each day. The birds will love you for it, and you’ll get the enjoyment of watching them in the garden, even if it is through the window!

Take Care of Your Tools

Winter is the perfect time to sharpen, oil and repair your tools, or buy new ones if they’re beyond repair because you’re probably going to be using them a bit less. Do this, and you’ll be ready to step things up again in spring.

Plan for Spring

Speaking of spring, if you want your garden to look great, now is the time to start thinking about it. Sit down and look at your garden, work out which plants, flowers and foods you would like to grow and where you would like to grow them. Also, consider what tools you’ll need to achieve that and get ready, so you can spring into action when the seasons change!



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