Do you have a non negotiables list?

Well it is something I have implemented over the last few months to make sure that I factor in a set amount of time for me everyday. Yes you heard that right!

As a busy mum with 3 young children I do often veer towards neglecting myself and my own needs but after being presented with a self care gift for my 40th in March I wanted to make sure I used it properly and so i I also started to focus on small elements of how I can bring a bit more calm and me into daily life.

Now I know it can be really difficult to book time in for yourself but you care start small with simple practices.

My first one is a daily meditation with an app. I use the free version of Simple Habit. The meditations are from 5 minutes a day. You can do them anywhere and if you can let the kids have a little bit of screen time for 5 minutes I guarantee over the course of the month this will make you feel better!

I also try to listen to a podcast everyday. They can be downloaded and i listen on the bus when I am going to work, on my way to school or even in the kitchen cooking dinner! Current faves are Ebonie Allard and The Guilty Feminist.

I also make time to look and feel good. First step is to use products I really enjoy on my skin. One of my all time faves is the Olverum bath oil which helps me clear my head. I love the scent and often carry a travel sized bottle in my bag. Just smelling this scent helps me relax into my calm space! Starting as I mean to go on I make sure that I look after my face using a face oil from Angela Langford.

I also journal everyday. It may not be your regular journal but I use the front for lists and ideas and the back for poetry and free flow writing. It is important to me to have something nice I want to pick up so currently i am using the Paperblanks notebooks.

So what’s on your list?


I have been sent the Olverum travel set to review but honestly love it so much. A long bath with this in and a meditation playing is one of the most perfect ways to start the weekend!

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  1. May 30, 2019 / 7:15 am

    This is such a good way of looking at selfcare. A non-negotiables list! I do meditate but I need to find a different time of the day, and I never seem to find time at weekends! I do have to have a hot shower every morning, so that’s a start. I can’t function without it, even when I’m working from home. I should build on that and look at selfcare from a different angle! Thanks!!

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