Do we really have baby brain?

Recently I saw a picture on facebook that basically depicted a woman after having a baby and blaming baby brain on a lack of something or other…

Did I lose my brain cells when becoming a mum?

For me I found it insulting. I openly admit to the odd scatty moment. But for me it was more that I have encountered so many mums that have set up a successful business after having a baby and in fact I have found that having a baby has opened up my creative and strategic thinking to another level.

So why are we demeaning ourselves by saying we have baby brain? Yes there are some chemical changes that happen when we are pregnant and have our baby in our arms. But does this mean our intelligence diminishes? Seriously?

I have to say a lot of women I have come across these last three years have been motivational and have helped with changes I have wanted to make in my life – the innovation they have to create either an incredible product, service and the advice and pride they feel for each other when doing well.

If baby brain really does diminish your smarts…well what about the inspiration these women will be sharing with the next generation. If anything women like us can prove that you can put your mind to anything. This month I was asked to be the Working Life editor for the Tots 100. I am proud to have been asked. I know what a huge responsibilty this is in guiding, helping or sharing our life as working mums – whether self employed or working for someone else. It should be about sharing, inspiring and motivating us to do the best we can.

Now tell me we all did this with ‘baby brain’. Are we demeaning ourselves by using the term?

Tonight I’d like to open up comments for you to tell me about your achievements since having a baby.


  1. September 24, 2012 / 10:18 am

    I didn’t have baby brain, I did have sleep-deprivation brain. I was back delivering training workshops for the Prince’s Trust when Miss J was not quite 4 weeks old. My brain worked fine, but there were times at the end of a long week where I didn’t know where my keys were and I’d put the clean washing back in the wash and frankly, I was just too tired to think. I’m guessing that’s where the term comes from, but there’s no reason it should apply only to women. And I’m sure non-parents are hungover as often as we’re knackered from night feeds.

  2. September 24, 2012 / 12:26 pm

    Since I had Sausage, I’ve started a degree, launched my own business, started a blog, run a house, looked after a child…I actually believe that my brain is BETTER now I’m a Mum as I have so much more to remember, I have to be more organised and actually think about something other than myself!

    I hate the whole ‘baby-brain’ thing too, it’s patronising, just like another pet hate of mine – ‘mumpreneur’. It’s like we’re only expected to achieve something piffling once we’re a mother, so by making a portmanteau out of mum and entrepreneur is almost like “Ahh, bless you and your little business and your small achievements, you are only a Mummy after all..”

  3. September 25, 2012 / 9:15 am

    Sorry, but I definitely have baby brain.
    My brain has NOT been the same since I had Aaron.
    It is like I am now neurologically wired differently.
    I forget things I never ever would have before.
    Yes, I probably am more creative now, and can see how this makes mums more entrepreneurial, but one side of the brain getting more fired up, doesn’t mean that there isn’t another side that is suffering and in my case there most certainly is.

    Yes I wouldn’t admit it to my husband but yes, I suffer from baby brain and freely admit it.

    Liska x

  4. upsydaisybaby
    September 25, 2012 / 6:55 pm

    Its not baby brain as such, that’s just what people call it! This is what I was told while pregnant.
    You become forgetful when you pregnant as you have so much to think about and get ready in preparation for baby that you forget other stuff! After you have had the baby again you have so much to do and the lack of sleep just makes you forgetful!
    So really its just that our minds are preoccupied on more important stuff!

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