Design A Kid’s Playroom On The Cheap

Do you have a spare room in your home that you’ve always dreamed of turning into a playroom for the kids, but are yet to do so because of the cost? The good news is that just because money is tight, that doesn’t mean that you have to put off creating your children’s playroom. If you’re savvy about it, you can create an incredible playroom on a shoestring budget. Want to know how – then read on for all the best cost cutting hacks and ideas!


Use white paint

Basic white paint is the cheapest type of paint you can get, and so is ideal for decorating your children’s new playroom. Don’t worry about white being too boring because there are plenty of ways you can jazz up the walls. Once you’ve put the shelves up – you can make these yourself from old pieces of wood, just make sure to sand them down and varnish them to prevent splinters – and added a couple of pieces of cheap wall art, the space will look much more exciting. Perhaps you could also stick some glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, make some DIY bunting, and string up some cheap fairy lights?

Create a chalkboard wall

Kids love being able to draw, so instead of buying them a chalkboard, invest in some chalkboard paint and use it to decorate one wall. This should not only work out cheaper than buying a big chalkboard to hang up, but it will also give your children all the space that they want to draw on.

Be creative with the seating

When it comes to the seating in your children’s playroom, bean bag chairs and foam floor cushions are ideal. However, if you want an area where you can sit and read to your children or where they can relax while watching a movie, adding a sofa could be a good idea. There’s no need to buy a new one, have a look online for a second-hand design. To ensure that you have plenty of room for when guests come to stay, why not opt to get a sofa bed or futon?

Don’t buy kid’s furniture

It’s tempting to deck out your children’s playroom with kid-sized furniture. However, the truth is that furniture made for kids is always more expensive that adult-sized designs, plus it doesn’t tend to wear as well, as often it’s cheaply made. Then there’s the fact that at some point or another, your kids will grow out of it. So, if you want to save money, opt to get an adult-sized table and chairs for your children’s playroom. It doesn’t have to be a dining table; it could be a cheap two seater table or even a coffee table, all that matters is that your children have somewhere to do arts and crafts and puzzles at.
There you have it, all the best hacks and ideas for designing a playroom for your kids on the cheap. Take note of the tips and ideas above, and you can create a beautiful playroom that is perfect for your kids but won’t cost the earth.


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