Creative Genius With Little Brains Paint Sticks

Being creative is part of our family’s genetic make up and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t do some drawing, doodling or painting. The one thing most parents aren’t a fan of is the mess that comes afterwards. But imagine if you could have all the fun with minimal mess! You would, right?

So we wanted to see what crafty things we could get up to after being sent Little Brains Paint Sticks. Of course they arrived juts in time for our Jedi’s 5th birthday so we put the no mess paint sticks to the mess in the hope we wouldn’t have to change outfits before a day at school.

The boys and Fizz got to work with 30 minutes of paint time. We were really impressed by the brightness of the colours and the older 2 were still squeeky clean after creating their master pieces! We loved the Paint Sticks Classic Art Station, RRP £29.99 ( This was definitely something we would buy as a gift for the kids. We were impressed with everything the parcel contained and we are planning on buying the littlest one of his own. It has a chalk set and paints all included so you can get creating straight out of the box! It’s easy to fold away and store which is perfect if you don’t have much space!

With the summer holidays looming and the ever changing weather meaning you can’t always plan for a day out we knew that having arts and crafts at the ready would mean we would be prepared whatever the weather. These activities can be done anywhere so they’re an option for parents on a budget as well as making a great alternative birthday gift or party activity. The Paint Stick Buckets (rrp £12.99) are perfect for travelling with and on my Facebook page ( I have one set to give away!

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  1. August 9, 2019 / 7:03 am

    These look incredible! I like art and craft, however it’s often so messy. I also like how the pain never fades. Really impressed!

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