Creating The Perfect Office Space

I have worked from home for a while now and it can be really difficult to separate home life and work life. If you’re sitting at the kitchen table like me working while also having a huge pile of washing you know how distracting it can be. I lust over office space, desks and office chairs most working days and so have thought about how I can incorporate some working space into our home without it also feeling like it is taking over.
Choosing the right area in your home is key.


As we have little ones the living room is a no go. As soon as they see technology they want it and I not sure my MacBook and dribble mix. I am also risking them chucking it out of a window or balcony.
The next space we have is the kitchen. As this has just been renovated (still a few bits to do) I do find this a lovely space to work in however we all know a kitchen chair or bar stool isn’t great for our backs, is it?
Our bedroom is the last option. We currently have a desk we can close up so it doesn’t look so intrusive. It is a good middle ground for now while we think about my office space.
I have also found a few fab co-working spaces in Brighton that help overcome that feeling of house responsibilities. If you can manage to find one at the right price it is a great idea to maybe book in  1/2 a month just to get your head down without any distraction at all!
I would really love to know about your workspace and how it fits around your family? Please do share your office space inspiration with me over on my Facebook page!




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