Creating A Stylish and Family Friendly Home

When you are young and living alone in your first home, you will often find that you can skimp out on your home decor. Flatpack furniture will do fine for your few belongings and for the most part, it’s only you or you and a partner coming in and out of the front door. But as soon as you grow into family life, you’ll realize that cheap purchases will simply not stand the test of time. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. So, if you’re going to have little ones jumping around on the furniture and putting grubby fingers on the walls, you might like to consider forking out a little more on your interiors.



Furniture makes your home a huge playground for children. Everything becomes something to climb or jump on. Beds, sofas, chairs. You name it; they’ll jump on it. So you need something hardy and long wearing unless you fancy replacing items every few months.



The days of having fabric covered sofas in your home are long gone. They collect dirt too quickly. Kids are prone to spilling food and drinks, and if you haven’t had to scrub blackcurrant juice out of a cream three piece couch before, you really don’t want to. It’s time to consider something that wipes clean and can be disinfected easily. You will also want something that can withstand a little one jumping around and climbing. The answer to all of your problems? Leather: one of the highest quality, sturdy fabrics around. Spills and accidents will roll straight off and you can wipe it clean in no time. It also has the added bonus of looking great. Leather sofas by Denelli Italia are good examples of timeless, durable, and beautiful designs for your home.



According to kids, beds were made to jump on. So invest in a strong and sturdy piece of furniture for your children’s rooms. There are all sorts of beds out there that have been designed especially for little ones. Cabin sleepers are great and offer extra storage space for their toys. Bunk beds are perfect for kids sharing a room. Some beds are even made in the shape of cars or castles. Invest in a mattress topper for young children who may be prone to accidents in the night. This will save replacing mattresses.



Most of us will have some sort of scar from when we fell into the corner of a table at a young age. While coffee tables are a great addition to any family living space, it is easy to forget that they may be at the eyeline of your child, meaning that falling into hard corners can result in head or facial injuries, which are always best avoided. Opt for circular coffee tables or ones with rounded corners. You could also choose plastic designs, as opposed to hardwood.


Water Based Paints

As much as you may try to discourage your children from touching the walls of your home, they are still bound to. From an early age, they will use them as support as they learn to stand and toddle. They will launch food at them as they’re learning how to eat by themselves. They will touch them as a den when they play games in the house. Sometimes they will just touch them without even thinking about it. But dirt builds rapidly, and nobody has the time to repaint their walls numerous times a year. Try water-based, clean easy paints. They are water based and (once they have dried properly) allow you to clean common household stains away quickly and effectively.

Children’s Bedrooms

When it comes to your kids’ rooms, you might like to try out something that can keep them creative. We all know that some kids will draw on a wall at the first opportunity that they get. You can counteract this by using chalkboard paint. This is a black paint that dries to become the same texture as a chalkboard, so you can supply your kids with pieces of chalk and allow them to doodle to their heart’s content. It will wipe off afterward, allowing days or even years of fun play.


As soon as you have a family, the footfall in your home increases dramatically. All areas of your home become high footfall areas, as opposed to just the hallway and living space. To make your cleaning regime easier and to save forking out on new flooring regularly, you need to invest in good quality flooring from the start.



Say goodbye to white or cream carpets. They’re just a disaster waiting to happen. Spilled dinners like spaghetti bolognese and drinks like blackcurrant juices can prove surprisingly difficult to scrub out of any carpet, no matter how much carpet cleaner you may use. Opt for darker shades to disguise stains better. Opt for loop pile carpets. This means that yarns are looped and fastened to the carpet’s backing, making the overall pile more durable and ideal for high traffic areas within your home. There are two main types of loop pile: Berber and level loop. Berber is composed of large, uncut loops of natural fibers in various sizes. This is softer and extremely stain resistant. However, if you have pets, their claws may snag in the pile. Level loop carpet is composed of tufted, uncut loops of equal height. This gives a more even texture to the pile. However, it is harder and stiffer than Berber.


Hardwood is a better option for family dining spaces. Spills can be wiped up more easily and they are harder wearing when it comes to chairs being pulled back and forth from the dining table. Opt for a type of wood that is unlikely to splinter or has a smooth, gloss finish. Alternatively, try laminate. Make sure all flooring is fitted professionally to avoid gaps between the boards which could result in slips and trips.


Ceiling Lights

Some mains lighting can be turned on and off by a cord from the ceiling. If you have these in your home, see if the cord can be replaced with a regular light switch. You should avoid pendant lights or chandelier style lights, which can be pulled down easily. A stylish alternative to consider could be spot lights. Spotlights spread light evenly throughout a room during the day and often come with a dimmer option for a more relaxing atmosphere in the evenings.


Candles may look great, but they are a huge safety hazard when there are little ones around. It is so easy for them to be knocked over or pulled from the tabletop. They are best avoided at all costs. Replace the soft glow of candlelight with a tabletop lamp with a low watt bulb. If you are intent on using candles, however, make sure that their use is always supervised. Never leave a room with a candle burning and make sure to put them out before going to sleep, even if this is just a little nap on the sofa. Keep them out of children’s reach at all times.

Window Coverings

Blinds pose a serious safety risk to children, as it is easy for them to get tangled up. This can result in serious injury or even a fatality. If you do have blinds, cut the cords so that they are short or high up and out of the way. However, if possible, switch blinds for an alternative window covering. Curtains are much safer and can add an air of elegance to any room. Make sure that they are fitted correctly and are made of hard wearing, washable fabrics. This means that you can pop them in the machine when they need a clean, rather than taking them down to the dry cleaners.


Now more than ever, you will need storage. For such little people, children tend to have a whole lot of belongings. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a home that is messy, strewn with toys, coloring books, and craft products. Toys should be stowed away when they’re not being used, to avoid anyone tripping up on trucks, standing on stray Lego bricks or falling over teddy bears. There are so many different types of storage units for children’s play nowadays that you will be able to find storage to suit any room’s size and style. Toy chests are great for throwing plastic toys into. If your kids are into reading, invest in a low height bookcase to keep them from climbing yours to get the story that they want. Provide a clip seal box for your children’s craft items to go in and make sure that everything is sealed before being put away. Glitter is almost impossible to clear up once it’s made its way onto the floor. If they prefer more outdoor toys, lock them up in a shed. This will prevent them from getting rusty, protects them from theft and keeps muddy wheels out of your home and off your carpets.



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