Crayola Are Quick On The Draw

Christmas is a time for family and nothing says time together like a good old board game. As our children are quite little still we do struggle sometimes with finding something thats great for us all to play together. Fizz was sent the 3,2,1 Draw! which is perfect for on the go fun for ages.

The game us suitable from 6+ and neatly fits into Fizz’s backpack, it’s even going on a sleepover tonight!

The set includes some lovely inspiration dice which helps Fizz and towers playing to gather ideas for their drawings so she is also able to play on her own as well as challenge us to guess what she is drawing! The combined pen and timer means you won’t be losing any little bits!

YThis would make a perfect christmas or birthday gift for little ones. At £6.99 in Argos and other stores it’s not a budget breaker either!




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