Countdown To Baby: Preparing Your Home

When you’ve got your first-born child on the way, it’s natural to feel pretty worried. You’re totally new to this whole maternity thing, and everywhere you look you seem to find great mums who have it down to a science. Believe it or not, all those mums were as clueless as you at one point, and learning to be a good parent is a combination of advice, trial and error. However, one good thing to do in advance is getting your home ready. Here are some great ways of going about it.


Designating and Decorating Baby’s Room

Setting up your baby’s first room is one of the most fun and exciting things you can do to prepare for motherhood. You may be bursting with ideas already as to how you’re going to make it the cutest little nursery ever made. While it’s good to have a nursery that looks great, it’s far more important to make sure it’s safe. Designating where it’s going to be is the first important decision you have to make. You’ll want it to be pretty close to your room so you can get to it conveniently when you wake up to him or her crying in the middle of the night. If your home is going to be a little cramped once your child is born, it may be time to seriously plan for those house extension ideas you’ve been chewing over. When filling your space, start with the basics, like a safe crib, changing table and dresser. You can worry about all the frills later.

Baby Proofing

You probably think that making a home completely baby proof is going to be a huge challenge. I wish I could tell you that you’re wrong, but really, it’s no picnic! While getting a home safe for a baby can be a big task, you can make it easier on yourself by starting it as soon as possible, and taking chunks out of the project bit by bit. There are many guides out there for making various areas of your home safe for babies, but at the end of the day no one knows your house better than you. Start now by looking around the room you’re in, and considering anything that could pose a threat to a curious baby. Get into the habit of looking for dangers, and either fix them right away or make a note to do it later.

Freeze Some Food

That first week or so when you come back from the hospital are going to mean a lot of work for both you and your hubby. By the time you’re done with all the regular housework, broken up by nappy changes, feeding, burping, and cleaning up sick, neither of you are going to be in the mood to cook from scratch. It might not mesh well with your diet plan, but stock up on things you can chuck in the microwave before you’re due to go into labour. Believe me, you’ll thank yourself later!

What would you suggest to another mum to get sorted before baby arrives?


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