Cosy Touches For a Super Inviting Abode

You might have your home beautifully decorated, but without the right finishing touches it can feel a little stark and bare. This is especially true if you’re living in rented accommodation and aren’t allowed to decorate or add your own touches elsewhere, but it can happen in any home. If you’re looking around at your surroundings and they seem a bit drab and lacking warmth, here are some quick and easy ways to perk it up and add cosiness.

A Rug

Wooden floors can look incredibly stylish, but they do have a tendency to feel a little cold and can look stark. Rather than resorting back to carpet, adding large rugs to the room can help. Not only are these soft and warm underfoot, but they help to dress up the room and give it a cosy feel. They can also break up the space, this is particularly useful in a large room which has multiple uses. For example, you could put a rug in one corner with a chair, side table, and floor lamp to create a reading area. You could put a large rug under the dining table to help define the space, the same with the coffee table in the living room. You could go with a shaggy high-pile rug, or a low pile with a design. Either way, it’s a quick way to make a room feel cosy and bring everything together.

Cushions and Throws

Even the nicest sofa and armchairs in the world can look a little plain and uninspiring when they’re not dressed. Adding cushions and throws helps to bring colour and texture to the room, plus they make it extra cosy when you’re sitting down relaxing. The same applies to beds, a tonne of plush throw pillows can bring in personality. Plus when the bed takes up so much space you want it to look nice, and help to tie everything else in the room together. You can find cushions and other homewares on sites like


Lighting in a room is so important. Along with your overhead light, having different light sources can help to set the mood and ambiance. Go for different brightness levels, so you can tailor the light to what you’re doing. Smart lighting is a cool new way to light your home. Here bulbs are synced to your smartphone so that you can turn them on and off through an app; you can create ‘groups’ to set different moods in the room. Using candles is another great way to create a comfy and homely feel to the room, using scented candles has the benefit of making it smell nice too!

Gallery Wall

The great thing about a gallery wall is you can change up the pictures in the frames whenever you get bored to keep it fresh and exciting. Plus as it’s such a feature, you can get away with this and very little else in the room, and it still looks interesting and gets rid of any starkness. Look online for gallery wall inspiration and carefully decide on the position of your frames before taking the plunge for the best result. Find more information on sites like


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