Contraceptive Choices For New Mums

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During your post natal recovery sex may be the last thing on your mind but soon enough your health visitor will turn up and ask you about what your plans are for contraception. I have found my recovery very different with the children and I’ll be honest that I hadn’t thought about any of this and probably why we ended up with baby number 3.
Saying that I was a bit more clued up to contraceptives and their effects on my body. Between Fizz and Jedi it too just over 3 years for my periods to return and I experienced ovarian cysts as well. I was so much more aware that between the boys I know that I couldn’t try the old and faithful ways of preventing pregnancy that I had done for years before. My body didn’t adapt well to them and it meant going back to the drawing board with what and what not to use.
While your hormones are settling down from child birth its worth using condoms to prevent pregnancy (if that is what you are trying to do). It gives your hormones the chance to settle and your periods to return to a pattern that you understand. I am a big fan of period tracker Eve and if you have a fitbit they incorporate that in their app now too.
If you want to take the pill then check out what could be right for you now, this might not be what you are on now.
LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor is helpful to look at what options you have and what hormones could affect you by causing an imbalance. Did you know that if you’re now over 35 Yasmin might not be the pill for you? This is why a review of what you were on and what is appropriate now is essential.
Of course there seems to be a lot of mums opting for the coil or implant as these offer a long term solution and no setting a daily reminder. However I have recently found this fab account that discusses the copper coil and the toxicity from it. Its worth seeing if you have any of the symptoms which mean it is time to switch out and heal yourself too.
So much changes when you become a parent and I’d like to think we have more choices and are more informed about what happens to our bodies. I have found the right way for me is to not have hormone balancing contraception and in fact Gav has taken charge and opted to be the one that ensures no more mini McCanns happen. It is a relief to me that we can talk openly about choices and also know that what may have been right before may not be so now.
How did contraception affect your body after birth? Did you have to make a switch and how did you feel about it?

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