Cocktails Aren’t Just For Summer!

During the summer there was nothing more I loved then enjoying a cheeky cocktail on our spruced up balcony. I’d grab my kindle and just read. Not one to want to miss out over the summer here are a couple of fab cocktails to enjoy over the winter period! I have tied to incorporate ones where the herbs can be grown on your kitchen windowsill or in a sunny window.
Classic Mojitio
I love mint in recipes and this can be so refreshing. You need run, fresh mint and lime as well as a dash of sugar.
This recipe can be found in the collection of 10 dazzling winter cocktails from BHG.
Raspberry Prosecco 
This is my favourite christmas cocktail and all you need is a shot of chambered, raspberries and top up with prosecco! Of course I’ll be using the frozen raspberries we’ve grown this winter!
Heater Upper

Vodka , Maple Syrup , Sprig of Rosemary and a pinch of salt! Add in some pink grapefruit juice to finish it up!

Gin and Berries

My fave gin at the moment is Bloom gin. Dash a generous helping , add a slice of lime, some ginger, a couple of  basil leaves and a few berries to give a winter feel! Top up with bitters.

These are just a few of my faves but you can find so many winter style cocktails online, however you can’t beat the classics rain or shine, hot or cold weather!

If you are in need of a bit of inspiration for your DIY herb planters ready for the winter party season then here are a few! We found some of these super useful as we only have a small balcony but a huge south facing kitchen window!
Thanks to the GBC group for sending me my little mojito kit!

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