Christmas Gifts For Star Wars Fans

We have a couple of Star Wars fans in our house and so it seemed only right that I work on a Christmas gift guide for Star Wars fans (with Gav’s help of course). Here are the Star Wars must haves for Christmas 2017.

Millennium Falcon Trainers From PoZu

I have been after a pair of the Star Wars trainers for a while and have thankfully bagged a pair os Resistance trainers for Fizz ready for the launch of the new movie this year (it just happens to coincide with her birthday!) so when I saw these I though I should treat Gav to a pair too.

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Sheaffer Star Wars Pen and Notebook

With the new film coming out what better to get the Star wars fan then this fab pen and notebook set. Whether you’re keeping a tally of how many times you’ve seen the film or just want to keep a journal this set is perfect. As with all things Sheaffer the design and the quality are superb!

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Star Wars Football by Mitre

This mini football is perfect for little fans of the Star Wars movie. It comes with felts to colour it in and they absolutely loved the activity and the kick around after! Perfect for a stocking filler!

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Heat Changing Mugs

Who wouldn’t love this fun mug to take them from The Dark Side?

Children and adults alike will be fascinated to watch these light savers come to life!

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Build Your Own Millennium Falcon!

What better way to get your nerd on this Christmas by building one of these beauties! This is the perfect stocking surprise for any Star Wars fan!

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what will you be buying for your Star Wars fan?


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  1. December 18, 2017 / 3:13 pm

    Ohh I love this list Chelle! I’m off to look at the pen!

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