Christmas Gifts For Dad

Christmas Gifts For Dad

I have to be honest and say that I am not very inventive when it comes to buying present for Gav. He has a wish list of Vinyl and so I buy from that and maybe a couple of Dr Who or Star Wars gifts to add in. Throw in a pair of socks and I am done. However I have been trying to be more surprising this year and so have been looking at other things I can get that are a bit different!

Magix Music

If you’ve got a musician to buy for then maybe updating their software is a fab step? This Magix Music plus enables a musician to create music and have access to 100’s of other instruments too.

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Quiet Rebellion Socks

OK so it is still socks but these are gorgeous. The quality is really good and I love the Christmas design too!

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Soho Joe Smellies

When you’re thinking of stroking fillers for dad then you can’t go wrong with Soho Joe. Their range is shown off in bright and funky packaging. The products smell nice and are really moisturising. They incorporate essential oils such as Rosemary, lemongrass and Ylang Ylang in their products so the smell is delicate without being too heavy. We were sent a selection of products to try and we loved all of them.

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The Wonderbag

It is such an amazing idea and every party house needs one. If you’re hosting a Christmas get together this year then this is such a sensible and cool purchase. The wonderbag can keep food warm for up to 12 hours and your booze cold too. If you’ve got a large family banquet or thinking of a Winter picnic this year then this is your winner. Perfect gift for any foodie dad that loves to cook or host BBQs.

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Rocking Rudolph Ale

A festive treat for lovers of ale, the chestnut amber colour compliments a fruity, caramel-malty taste. I had mine chilled, which while some may consider heresy, I found made it that bit more refreshing and moorish. The perfect companion to your Christmas dinner.
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