Christmas Gift Guide For Tweens

Fizz gets a little more difficult to buy for every year – she’s in that land between still playing with dolls but wanting books and tech for Christmas. I have been trying to look for alternative things for her this Christmas and this is what I have found.

Bath Bomb Kit from Naissance Trading

If you have a tween who loves a bit of creating but also spending hours in the bathroom then you will be onto a winner with this Bath Bomb Kit from Naissance Trading. It has all you need to create your own bath bombs. At 7 years old Fizz loved experimenting with smells and creating something amazing for her own bath. I think this is a perfect gift.

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ArckitPLAY Tiny Town

I love this little building kit, it is like Lego for older children and grown ups! The age range on this starts from 5 and it teaches your child all about design and architecture from the ground up. I love this as an alternative to tech based games that allow you to do this and prefer that there is something you build up with your own hands.

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Azoomee Kids

In the tech generation it can often feel hard to keep up with the kids, what they are doing online and how to keep them safe too. With a high percentage of kids getting some form of tablet computer then we would highly suggest a gift like Azoomee Kids. Not only does it have access to some quality kids programs it also has safe chat options and educational games. This is an ideal gift with a years pass is only £44.99 making it an affordable and lasting gift for the difficult to buy for kid.

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If you have a gadget geek in the house or a constant journal lover then Office Monster provides some fab stocking fillers covering these two areas. From laptop bags to felt tip pens and even masala colouring Pukka project pads. We love that this site is so affordable and with 3 kids we do get through a lot of craft/paper supplies. If you have someone you know loves organising or creating then a selection of their products would be perfect!

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Football Art

If you have been following our blog then you’ll know Fizz has taken up football after being an ambassador for the FA this year. I wanted to give her something that wrapped up her experience into a memory and so we got her a Lioness piece of artwork for her wall. If you have a football fan then you’ll want to check out their gifts for fans.

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Glitter Tattoo Set

If you have a kid at school then I am sure you’ve gone through the tattoo stage like us (either drawing on themselves or the ones you get with candy). I love this glitter tattoo kit from Find Me A Gift. We are going to use this for Fizz’s birthday get together as I think her friends will love it too. It would also make a perfect stocking filling as well.

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Bathroom Smellies from Dubble Trubble

With our eldest just about to turn 8 she loves having products of her own to use in the bathroom. No longer do we have the hair troubles of a few weeks ago. Dubble Trouble has meant that we don’t have hair wars in the morning and she’s take responsibility for some of her own self care. I do think this would be a great and practical gift for a tweens stocking.

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Shooting Star’ beanie by Fallen Broken Street Kids, available at Cocoon Child

This gorgeous soft and snugly Winter hat from the coolest hat brand in the world, all the way from Byron Bay, is the right mix of fluffy and shimmery. A snug fit for 3 -12 year olds. £5 from every hat purchase gets donated to Children with Cancer UK an amazing charity working tirelessly to improve survival rights and quality of life for children with cancer.

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Rubix Dog

If you’re looking for something a bit retro and also tech free we would highly recommend the Rubix Dog! It’s kept our 3 kids occupied for ages as they try and get it back to its original form!

Whats on your tweens list for Christmas?


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