Christmas Gift Guide For Mums

I have spent a lot of time on self care this year and so this year my christmas gift guide for mums features products with a nod towards this. From regular soak in the bath to looking after the basic needs, from journalling to yoga theres a little bit of happiness spread in these products to make you feel super important!

Olverum Bath Oil, £29

If you are looking to embrace a luxury spa feel at home then you can’t go wrong with buying Olverum. This is literally heaven in a bottle. The smell is divine and you don’t need to lavish loads in your bath so it will last quite a while. This is a firm favourite of mine already and thats why it tops the list!

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Yogabellies YogiSac, £35

If you’re already a yoga lover then you will know how difficult it is to carry so much stuff all at once. Yogabellies have designed this fabulous bag just for you. It fits your yoga mat in there with space for all your other essentials. There will be no need to have multiple bags again. With enough space to pop your kit in as well as your purse/keys/phone and even a book you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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Perfect Pouches from Mummy and Little Me, £16.99

These are indeed perfect – not only do they come in a gorgeous array of colours, they also have different sentiments inscribed them – such as super sister, fabulous friend, time to shine, girly goodies – the list is endless.  So the price is only £16.99, they come in a gorgeous gift bag so will save you wrapping up!  What are pouches used for?  Well they have multi uses, the list could be endless but here at Mummy & Little Me we can tell how we use ours! Great as evening bags, great as pouches in your existing handbag or changing bag, just pop your essentials in and then move it from handbag to handbag with ease. Also another great use is when you are on holiday, use it to store your passports and essentials in then when you arrive it double up as your evening bag!

You see – we were right it is perfect isn’t it!!

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Vegan Raw Chocolate Kit from indigo herbs

Whether you have a chocolate lover to give this to or want to make a gift for a friend this kit is so user friendly! I made Raw Chocolates in under 20 minutes and we all really enjoyed them. We made the chocolates to give as gifts to others and it was a lovely activity to do with the kids for their teachers end of term hampers. So simple to follow and arrived in a lovely decorated box. This kit is perfect for Vegans as well.

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Tiana Coconut Cooking Oil

If Mama loves to cook like me then she’ll love this in a gift hamper of edible treats. Christmas = cooking and as we are trying to be a healthier household we have started using Tiana Coconut to replace other oils when cooking. I will say my fave difference is when cooking a curry as it makes a real difference to the meat when cooking without giving a greasy film that other oils can leave. It is always perfect for breakfast pancakes too! You’ll be amazed at the quality of Tiana.

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Phil Smith Gift Set

Phil Smith hair care is such a treat, i have been using their gift set for the last few weeks and my hair is noticeably shiner and healthier. I am suffering post part hair loss and my youngest is just about to turn 2. The intensive conditioner and then regular usage has made my hair stronger and less prone to breaking too. I love that they have added in hair bands that don’t drag or break the hair as an addition to the set too. Any mama would not be disappointed to find this in her stocking on Christmas morning.

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It may sound silly but with Christmas comes so much sugar/wine/coffee that you don’t want to forget about looking after your teeth! Ultradex is perfect to pop into your bag while travelling about. It’s not too strong so is perfect for kids as well as adults. You can add flavour if you wish which is a fab option for those that don’t like the strong mint flavours normal toothpaste/mouth wash have.

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