Christmas Decoration trends for 2017


Here we go again! With Halloween and Bonfire Night done and gone, it is full speed ahead to the festive season. The shops are getting into full swing, the guys and girls in the coffee shops are wearing antlers and pushing gingerbread lattes and mince pies, and the kids are getting itchy to get the decorations up.

We all have our own traditions when it comes to this, but if you get a little tired of following the same old routines year after year, you could dare to be different. The high street stores are all desperate to outdo one another, and the rise of online shopping adds even more competition, and that can only mean one thing for customers – bargains!

With so much choice these days, you can afford to be choosy. When buying online, pay attention to customer feedback, and look for reviews of Next and other retailer offerings, both on their own websites and on the independent review sites.

But what exactly should you be looking for? Here are five trending decoration ideas and themes for Christmas 2017.


We have treated ourselves to a new Christmas tree this year and so I have been looking for new decorations too. Lumen sent us some of their gorgeous glass decorations and they are absolutely beautiful. classic and timeless designs that allow the light to shine through these are simply stunning.

Glass is another quirky way to decorate whether ornaments or table dressings. I also love these glass baubles by Lumens. So unique and chic. They’re Art Deco design has a bit of bling and the chains to hang is certainly a bit different.

Lights, lights and more lights

Remember the days of Dad pulling out the ratty string of fairy lights to put around the tree, and then spending hours working out which bulb was causing the whole thing to fail? These days, LED technology adds ease, flexibility and fun to lighting, so make the most of it.

From touch string designs to fully lit nativity scenes, there is so much to choose from to create a Yuletide display with a real wow factor.

Tinsel is back!

Ah, tinsel, the most traditional Christmas decoration of them all. This year, it is back, with a modern day twist. Retailers are offering some stunning new colours and designs. It looks great throughout the house, so don’t limit yourself to the Christmas tree. How about some luxurious gold tinsel along the staircase?

Festive flowers

A holly wreath is all well and good, but it doesn’t really grab the attention. Add some vibrancy to your home with a lavish Christmas bouquet bursting with whites and reds – and don’t forget to treat the whole lot to a healthy dose of glitter, and sparkles. It will look great as a hallway centrepiece, but why stop there? You could also add a floral garland to border a mirror, or even as a very classy centrepiece for the table.

Get quirky

If you really want to throw convention out of the window, there is a growing trend towards some quirky Christmas themes that are completely out of left field. The tropical look might sound like the complete antithesis of Christmas, but it will guarantee a fun and festive atmosphere, with palm tree prints and pineapple shaped baubles and place holders.

Other unusual themes for decorations include everything from unicorns to llamas.


The great thing about embracing a quirky Christmas theme is that everything goes, and you are limited only by your own imagination. So have fun, and come up with something that family and friends will remember for years to come!


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