For A Cheap Garden Makeover You Should Go Rustic

When it comes to giving our gardens a makeover, it can be hard to look past the almighty costs associated with such an upheaval. We know our garden desperately needs it because it is a great way to give our homes some TLC, but how can we be expected to afford a new pergola to go over a new decked barbecue area and a professional gardener to come in and bring your flowerbeds some order. That’s where we are able to bring some music to your ears because there is a way to give your garden a gorgeous makeover without having to remortgage your home, it’s called going rustic.

This wonderful, casual and chic styling can be done on the fly because all it takes is a little bit of innovation, some cost-effective materials and a couple of trips to a flea-market or two. Without your bank balance even noticing you can have a totally restyled backyard.

Outdoor Dining

You do not need to have expensive outdoor furniture in order to wow guests that come on over or even make you smile as you look outside your kitchen window. Sometimes the most striking pieces are the ones you find about to be tossed out at a car boot sale; like a metal set of table and chairs that have chipped white painted all over it, a bit of rust appearing too. That is rustic styling at it’s best, especially if you pop it under a DIY pergola and hang an antique-looking chandelier above it. Gorgeous.

Perfect Pergola

We said that pergolas were out of the equation when it comes to garden makeovers because, well, they can be so pricey. But when it comes to the rustic route, there is a way to get a standout pergola for a fraction of the price. All you need to do is go and get yourself a post digger, some lengths of reclaimed timber and some corrugated roofing and you have all the elements to make yourself a standout shelter from which you can hang your antique chandelier and hide your paint-chipped garden furniture.

Overgrown Garden

The way to make your actual garden overgrown and rustic and almost cliched and cottage-inspired is to let your flowerbeds grow and grow until they become a little untamed. Even weeds can look a little gorgeous when they are left to blossom and sprout purple heads. This looks especially wonderful when your flowerbeds start to creep in over your path, forcing anyone who walks along it to brush the flowers and release their scent. Oh, it is a magical (and lazy) way to achieve a rustic looking wonderland.

Country Look

A great way to get a striking look is to recycle what farms would use, such as galvanized tubs, metal troughs and old feeders that would have once fed livestock or wild birds. Dot these around your patio, or just around your garden, and use them as amazing planters. Without having to do anything else you will have achieved the country look that is synonymous with going rustic. Oh, yeah, just make sure you drill a few holes in the bottom to allow for some drainage. Then, voila, you are good to go.


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