Charms, Crystals and What They Mean To You

I have always had a little understanding of the benefits of wearing charms and crystals in my younger years and as I get older I have returned to my love of them. Educating myself which crystals and charms can help my own self care and healing as well a charms that I can wear to remind me of my path on a daily basis.

Kigu of London  is launching something called #YourCharmStory and I couldn’t help but want to be involved. Their reasoning is that the charms you wear and the designs you choose can tell a story about you. For me I love healing kinds of stones (adventurine, rose quartz, selenite, carnelian) so I took their test to see if the charms matched up with the crystals I havefelt drawn toward. A few of my favourites from their range are orion, silver daisy and tree of life. I could have chosen more but these were the ones that I was uniquely drawn to amongst some very beautiful designs. So what do these say about me….
Tree of life:
This holds meanings of connections, grounding and harmony. Guess what else – healing! I knew that it would have a connection with the healing stones as I look forward in my journey with reflection on the past.
The stars and moon cycles are something that are really drawing me in at the moment and the cyclical journey is one I am shifting towards. I’ve started to follow moon patterns and with the different charges of the different full moons it explains why I am drawn to this one. Orion is the most visible constellation as well!
Silver Daisy:
I think this shows my new found love of being outside and nature but also with  added simplicity. I love that the daisy is so simple yet beautiful in its surroundings. It felt grounding to choose this one!
I also love Fire leaves on their suit to which I think shows the empowerment of my journey and the fire I have to want to continue on it. I have just started distance reiki and I have been told i have a lot of fire there. Now to mould, tame and use to good use!
What crystals and charms are you drawn to and how do they reflect you?



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