Christmas Chaos In The Kitchen

As parents, we can all experience different problems in and around the home. It’s only natural. Things break, accidents happen – but what matters the most is how we handle them when they do. One of the most common rooms for chaos to form is in the kitchen. There’s just something about the heart of your home that attracts a lot of attention, this is especially true at Christmas! And when things start to go wrong in the kitchen, it can often send you over the edge. But, it doesn’t have to. If you want to make sure that you’ve got a hold on things when chaos strikes in the kitchen, here’s what to do.

You Mess Up Dinner

We’ve all had days when everything goes wrong. It can often start early and last until bedtime. On days like this, it’s almost always guaranteed that you’re going to ruin dinner. Whether you burn everything to a crisp or even undercook it, just don’t panic. You’re so close to calling it a day, don’t let it defeat you now. Instead, head to the freezer. You should always keep emergency pre-made meals in there that can be heated up in minutes to get you out of this mess!

Getting a recipe book and diary to meal plan has been one of the best things I have done this year and so I plan to continue this during 2019 too. I love this one by Recipe Diary.

Your Appliances Break

Your kitchen is also the room that often has the most money spent on it. With the fridge freezer, cooker, dishwasher, laundry appliances and then the smaller ones too, there’s a lot of cash contained in the kitchen. So when stuff starts to break, it can break your heart too. We have started to invest in a few new items a bit at a time to avoid everything falling apart at once. We  had a new kettle and these new kitchen scissors which are multi purpose and pretty cool!

The Kids Get Into Everything

Then there’s always the risk of kids getting into everything. Even when you’re as vigilant as ever, they can sometimes sneak by you and get into something that they shouldn’t. So, you may want to work on childproofing your kitchen like did and fast. At the same time, be sure to store food and snack up high so they can’t start eating things when you don’t want them too.

How will you be avoiding kitchen chaos this Christmas?


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