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Food Review // Patty & Bun

A few weeks ago Gav and I were invited on a date night to Patty & Bun. The restaurant is placed in the heart of Brighton Laines and is styled towards the mid end burger…

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Now You Are Starting School – Tips For Parents

In my experience when you have a summer baby you will be wondering how their first school term came so fast? I know with my daughter she was completely ready and turned 5 during her…

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How To Encourage Your Child To Drink More Water During The Hot Weather

During the hot weather it is so important to make sure that the kids are drinking enough water and avoiding dehydration. Of course they want to go off to play and spend time in the…

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Review // Back To School With Smiggle

If you have an 8 year old daughter like me you’ve probably already heard of the brand name Smiggle. Full of bright stationery and other lovely items it really does delight Fizz when she is…

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Review // Irish Fairy Door Company

When the Irish Fairy Door Company heard that Fizz was feeling a little down in the dumps towards the end of the school year last year they offered to send her a few things to…

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