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I have been on a bit of a self care roll lately but I have noticed that the common misconception about self care is that it is all about spending a day in a spa but it is often way more than spending money and more about doing essential things that YOU need.

Self care is very individual and for me it is all about my day to say functioning. I have started having a list of non negotiable that I do everyday. Part of this for me is making sure my mind feels on track from when I wake up to at least when I collect the kids from school.

So I thought I would share my essential self care non negotiable list. This is my contract with myself and may not be for you, then again it may help you too.

Daily Lists

I write a daily list of what I need to get done and what I would like to get done. I write during the last half hour of my working day so that I don’t wake up feeling stressed out before I start the day. I use the Inspire Now Journal for this as it prompts you to pick 1 thing you must do today, while also goal setting for the day (task list), reminders and a reward. It asks you to think about your wellness and development. I like the fact it also sets up a daily morning and evening ritual – my morning is to start incorporating an online yoga course before I start work.

Reward Yourself

When I say rewards I don’t mean having to spend money, eat food or a glass of wine at the end of the day. I think about something I really want to do. At the moment it is read uninterrupted for 30 minutes. I am hoping to gradually increase the time and on some days this will be a walk along the beach, lunch with friends. I have found this is good to help me feel balanced and I am sleeping better for it too.

My other reward is if I finish all my work on time is a long hot bath with a favourite scent. I am addicted to Olverum at the moment and the smell is a really relaxant. Having a quiet bath while our home is completely silent is bliss to me. I have the travel set so I can take it with me if I go away.

Take care of your mind

Over the last year I have signed up to a life coaching diploma and off the back of that have signed up to a few other courses relating to this (including a couple more A level tuition options). It has not only helped me see where I need to work on but given me some career development too. It has made me feel more than just a mum as well as given me the confidence to explore a new career as I am heading towards 40.

Take care of your body

This is also important. As a mum I have found myself heading for a nightly glass of wine but am trying to switch that out for alternative ways to relax. Healthy eating, exercise and self care is super important for your body. Drinking water and using a good skincare routine is vital to me looking and feeling well. I am also using this fab HiGlow stick to give me a bit of summer colour – the sunshine glow makes me feel fab and perks me right up!


I don’t sit around in PJs now as that lowers my motivation and instead I’m often up before the kids setting up packed lunches, getting their clothes ready and then ensuring I am dressed and look presentable for the school run. This is important to me. I have to take care of myself and how I look, what I wear is part of this. If I stay in my PJs it isn’t shutting motivated and productive to my mind.

Talk to people

Having a supportive network is integral to my daily functioning. I work from home and this is often lonely. Gav calls or texts me during his lunch break everyday and it is great to have friends to support me from their home working too. If you are having a down day being lonely at work has such an impact so even a few seconds of adult conversation is bloody brilliant.

Let me know how you focus on your self care, what helps you?

During May the site will be covering a whole heap of products just for mum. We are so aware that we need to look after ourselves and whether that means a nap in the afternoon or a new product to use in the bathroom we will be focussing on a few lovely new products that will have you feeling great! Today we are featuring Pure, an argan oil that can be used on your hair or your body. Here is what Elizabeth had to say about it:

Argan Oil is produced from the argan tree, which has been grown in Morocco for centuries. It can be used for food but is increasingly used in cosmetics. It is renowned for its moisturising and nourishing properties for skin and hair. It contains a rich amount of vitamin E, as well as omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids.

As I have naturally extremely frizzy hair (fine, curly, and flyaway) and as I have bleached it blonde for the last few years, my hair is definitely in need of some TLC and nourishment. I have been seeking out serums and oils containing argan oil for the last couple of years to calm the frizz and keep my hair in good condition.

I was excited to try this pure argan oil, as most of the products on the market only contain a small amount of the oil, whereas this offers the oil in its purest form. It’s a very high quality product in a little bottle with a dropper. Of course, because it is a pure oil, it results in a slight greasiness when applied, so I would say this oil is best used as a special, overnight treatment for face or hair. Before bed, I used the dropper to squeeze some oil into my hands. I ran this through my hair from roots to tips. Then I went to bed (with a towel on the pillow!).

The next morning I washed my hair as usual and was delighted to find my hair was soft, satiny, light and bouncy, and the straw-like texture and tangles were gone. I also rubbed some of this oil on the dry parts of my face for extra nourishment.

I am looking forward to doing a weekly hair treatment with this oil, to restore softness and shine and to help control the frizz.

Pure has a RRP of £28.00/100ml available from

I was delighted to be asked to review the Kids’ Table – a new initiative at Proud Country House at Stanmer Park.

I have two kids who are 8 and 5. We love going to Stanmer Park at the weekends, getting out of town and romping around in fields, trees and mud. Sometimes we are there over lunch time and for a bit of a treat, we stop off at Proud Country House for a meal.

Proud Country House has teamed up with the Kid’s Table (, an initiative which started recently in London, and has come to Brighton for the first time. The Kids’ Table offers a pop-up kids’ corner service for pubs and restaurants, to keep the children entertained while mums and dads can relax and enjoy a brunch or lunch. Children aged 3-10 can be accommodated.

Proud Country House offers deluxe surroundings, making this a great location for an adults only meal and a bit of relaxation time. The magic of this initiative is the price – only £5 per child for two hours of child entertainment and a kids’ buffet. Parents must stay on site.

We booked our slot online (11.30am for civilised brunch/early lunch) and we were warmly welcomed on arrival. We took our kids upstairs in the country house to a dedicated room, with a magical table set out with all kinds of crafts, small world toys and lego. The kids were immediately enchanted with this opportunity for play, and made to feel comfortable by the specialist playworker, Riz.

My husband and I went downstairs and ordered from the delicious looking menu and enjoyed uninterrupted time catching up with each other and staring at the beautiful view out of the window. The food was a real treat and the service was both attentive but unobtrusive. The two hours went by too quickly – although I did pop up to see the children in the middle of the meal – they were happy and content. At the end of lunch it took us 15 minutes to persuade our 5 year old that he really had to leave, he was having such a nice time with all the craft. The kids had eaten their fill of sandwiches and fruit, as well as drinking apple juice and water.

I can’t recommend this service highly enough! We have already recommended it to other families and will be back soon for another adult meal, this time we hope to share it with a group of friends.

Do go and check it out for yourselves.

This review was in conjunction with The Kids Table. Our guests were giving their meal and places at The Kids Table in exchange for an honest review.

As the boys are more pre-school age now then toddlers both of their viewing habits are starting to change. Recently they have started to watch PJ Masks with their older sibling and I have got say it’s nice to grab a hot coffee while they all watch a programme they love (TV squabbles are so overrated!).

So when the boys were sent Catboy and Gekko along with their turbo racers (RRP £14.99) you can imagine the excitement and squeals. Jedi  loves to pretend to be Catboy and I do love that the characters are more like kids. You can also get Owelette and Romeo.

The boys have loved racing and zooming along. Our living room is quite long so it’s lovely to see them racing the toys along the space. Whats nice is that the figures fix into the cars so there is no flying out and hitting the TV during races!

The toys are easy for small hands to handle and a good size for character toys. They seem quite durable – we even took them racing on the school run!

I love how it has bought another element of imaginative play to the kids and again it’s nice to see them all playing so nicely together too. We have even ordered Owlette for their older sister!


Last week I was invited to London for a bit of indulgence but also to learn about a possible new career direction for 2018. We all know that having a bit of me time is hard as a mum and we also know that a little something to make us feel special goes a long way too.

Bio-Sculpture  is a company that aims for everyone to feel great. They build flexible training that enables mums to work around family life and to develop a business that makes others feel fab.

I was treated to one of their manicures (followed by a massage!) while learning about the ethics behind their products and their business model. The team were so lovely and down to earth sharing their experience of being a manicurist as well as how they have developed their careers. It was really lovely to listen to these women who have taken the training and now run their own business.



I liked the way the team all sounded so passionate about their job, sharing anecdotes while treating my nails to a new look. I felt the product looked fab. A week in they look great and I’ve only chipped one nail (life with 3 kids is super hectic and I totally blame that!).

The products themselves are ethical. Bio Sculpture is a 100% vegan product which means it is also cruelty free. This is a unique selling point of using the brand as are the vitamin laced base coats too. When you are starting a business it’s a good idea to have a niche and even better if it is an ethical brand/company too.

With over 120 colours to try from as well as glitters, pattern work too it won’t be too long before your business has an edge over competitors. I have been told the colours can be quite addictive and there are fun seasonal variations that you can try out too.

In regards to the training I liked the way it is flexible too. The company have an understanding about how hard it can be to fit training days in so you can fit the training in at your own pace rather than have to take a week away from your family.

I have to say it is lovely to meet a the people behind the brand that also are well aware of the constraints of time as a parent. After my manicure I was treated to a wonderful massage and quite frankly after having a raver baby and a poorly one all week I was in desperate need of a bit of pampering. I left the event feeling chilled and ready to rock parenthood again.

Thank you for inviting me to such a lovely day of indulgence! Bio Sculpture and Tots100 .