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We are right next to Brighton Racecourse and this time of year there is so much wildlife around to see on our daily walks around this green area of Brighton. We were sent the Outdoor Adventure Range from Brainstorm to help with our nature walks and we loved using them over the last few weeks.

We were sent the night time vision torch, magnifying glass and binoculars. The second two have been pretty much part of daily life since!

Jedi loves the magnifying glass and spotting caterpillars, snails and all the things along the ground/below knee height. Fizz decided the binoculars were hers and has pretty much become a bird spotter (and some butterflies too!).

We have yet to use the night-time vision torch as it is still light at bedtime but I think towards the end of the summer we will get this out to use again.

Here are the photos of our daily adventures!

We would really recommend these products if you want to encourage your child to learn about nature, natural habitats and also responsible ways to protect nature as they will create great discussions whenever you use them!



In our house we are a big fan of introducing small chores to the children in exchange for a small treat or pocket money. As the youngest of the family and at 2 Beatlebum often wants to join in so when we were sent the Caddon Deluxe Henry Hoover to review he was super happy at being able to in some way help me around the house.

The set is quite a lovely little pull around set and both boys have loved to grab the trolley and help mummy on their days off. I love that at no point do they say it’s mummy job and instead embrace their little role of helping out. It is so light and easily for them to pull around and quite sturdy at the same time.

The set has everything you need to clear up and the boys have used it to clean up craft sequins from the carpet, mopping our balcony floor in the rain and more. The mop bucket has seen random characters drowning but its fab at transporting them to their toy boxes!

The set also fits altogether for easy storage and looks quite neat next to our toy box – I know a lot of parents worry about having bigger toys but this is a smart looking set as well as practical!

Available online at Argos for £24.99 this is a fab little set with hours of fun and also is a great introduction to having pocket money jobs too!

As part of the Brighton Fringe Fizz was invited to review a comedy club for kids at Brighton Komedia. As she’s getting to the age of telling jokes and finding out what is funny or not then I thought this would be perfect for us to go and have some mummy and daughter time at. Throughout May and June there are some fab things on that all the family can enjoy!

The comedy for kids show isn’t a regular feature at the Komedia but it should be! The compere was the right amount of silly and fun with a few jokes for the parents at the same time and he was great at bringing the show together. The kids loved his skit where they started the jokes and he tried (and sometimes failed) to finish them.

Our favourite act of the show was a teacher/musician called George who incorporated music into his act. He was funny and very interactive with the audience who laughed so much during his set.

The final act was a play on murder mysteries and detective stories. We did feel this fell flat a little towards the end of the act as it was quite drawn out and needed quite a bit of audience participation.

We would definitely recommend going though. We had a great hour enjoying this together (well done Komedia for putting kids snacks on sale too!) and we will definitely go back in October when the show is on again.

For more details of what is on at Komedia during festival season visit

Tickets are low costs and very reasonable. Here is what you can see now!

Oskar’s Amazing Adventure

Sun 20 May 1.30PM (DOORS 1PM) & 3.30PM (DOORS 3PM) £9/£7 CONC/£27 FAMILY OF 4 AGES 2-8


Sat 26, Sun 27 & Mon 28 May STUDIO 11AM (DOORS 10.45AM) £8.50/£6.50 CONC & CHILD/£25 FAMILY OF 4 AGES 3-8/BABIES GO FREE

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre: The New Show For 2018

Sat 26 May STUDIO 3.45PM (DOORS 3.30PM)


A few friends and I have been testing the best cruelty free and vegan skincare ranges on the market since March. Today Alice shares what she thinks of Antipodes Skincare for you! She tried 4 products over a minimum of two weeks to make sure she could give you a great review. Here are her thoughts:


This product has the best smell of the 4 I tried, the sweet orange is extremely pleasant and really give you a pick me up when you use it. It spreads easily so there is not need to use to much each time. I previously have avoided exfoliators as they are too abrasive for my sensitive skin, however this product gently scrub(?) The skin, leaving it fresh and noticeably revitalised.


I have loved this cleanser not only in the morning to wake up my skin but as a gentle calm down in the evening to help rid any last remain make up residue. It leaves my skin refreshes with that tight feel I’ve previously experience.


I used this moisturiser first out of the two given. It has a clean and fresh feel. The distinctive almond smells stays with you through the morning and it left my skin feeling beautiful and revialised. Again you don’t need to use much to cover your face and neck and it absorbs quickly with no sticky after feel.


Finally the sun came out, so I switched from Rejoice to Immortal. It still has a very light feel, however it takes a little longer to be absorbed. It left my skin feeling beautifully soft and is no way greasy

On the whole I’ve enjoyed the Antipodes range my skin is gloriously soft. The gentle fragrances used give you a lift even after they gave first been applied. I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin. Mine has had no problems with these products which is great! Will definitely buy again. The fact these are vegan and great- also gains big thumbs up for me!


As a parent with limited support available for babysitting it can be quite hard to have a night out. Bubble is an app that aims to give parents time off while also providing a platform for families to source trusted baby-sitters.

When our usual babysitter called in sick a few weeks ago and we had gig tickets it became the perfect place to find someone to look after the children at short notice. The Bubble team check out each baby-sitter and the baby-sitters we have used so far have all sent us references and DBS before coming to sit for us.

The great thing about Bubble is there is such a huge range of sitters you will find the right person for you. We chose on reviews and experience so we knew that our sitters were credible and reliable.

Our first sitter Caryn had a lot of experience. We decided to go for her after chatting online and seeing her reviews and DBS. She arrived 15 minutes early and so we had time to do a handover and run through everything we needed to. She was fabulous with our very nervous 3 year old who doesn’t like having a babysitter. Caryn kept in touch with us via text and also let us know when all the children were asleep. After the sit you pop in the end time via the app, can add extra if you’d like and then are invited to review (essential to the babysitter’s credibility) and then rebook if you know when you need them again.

Our second sit experience was during the day. Again we chose someone perfect for our smallest, who had DBS and relevant experience. This time I was at home during the sit and having Darcy around meant I got work done and then could enjoy the rest of the day without feeling work/family balance pressure. We have had Darcy back in the evening too and again the professionalism in keeping in touch and how she fits into our family is great.

The Bubble platform is fabulous. Although we do have a regular babysitter is is fab to have a back up plan. The babysitter show their rates of pay so it is all out in the open from the beginning, Bubble charge parents a booking fee of £3.50 per sit or £4.99 for a monthly subscription. They are soon to be introducing a commission-based platform fee for babysitters on a sliding scale percentage fee and although I am not entirely comfortable with this I do understand that for the platform to run that they need to make money. I have been told that they will look at a monthly subscription from the babysitters side rather than a percentage fee in the future so I do hope that this will feel more transparent (I find percentages can feel confusing) then a sliding scale.

Overall Bubble does have a great place in the market to be a fabulous parent support network especially for those that don’t have any support nearby – for freelancing it’s great to pay for a sitter when you need it and for the hours you need.

Disclaimer: I was given a £50 credit to test bubble out which I used on my first two sits, however I have since used the platform and paid myself. All views are my own.