Last year I kept a kind of online check list of things that I would really like to do for myself. These often had some focus towards the kids but as I am starting to see more of my mood and thoughts impacting on the kids I now understand how essential it is to look after me. So I am revisiting the ‘project me’ again with a caveat that it is actually all stuff that I want to do.

So here is my ‘Things I Want To Do In August’

I would like to finish a book in the month. I often get distracted and find ways to not read. Procrastinating online takes up a lot of time and I’m sure this does for you too. So with some birthday cash I splashed out on a Kindle (the kind that only has books on!).

I would like to lose a stone if possible. I am currently 3 and a half stone overweight. I’m not happy with how I am looking and I definitely don’t suit all the extra weight I am carrying.

I am going to make sure that I walk everyday. I have a FitBit Flex which counts my 10k steps. If I don’t manage this during the day I am going to go for a walk after the kids are in bed. I may even go for a run if i feel able to and will be starting the C25K once school is back in September.

I want to be more present in my business. I have had two maternity leaves not too far apart and I have lost touch a little with it. It’s been in great hands but now is my time to invest in it even more as I want to be a good role model when it comes to setting goals and achieving them.

I think thats enough for now. It’s summer holidays here and I also want to make the most of this time with the children, especially my eldest Fizz.

What are you going to do for you in August?


With the UK leaving the EU there’s has been a lot of uncertainty with regards to our economical state. This has led people to be cautious when spending their money. The infographic looks at what products are cheapest in any given month.

As a family we try and save costs in many ways but this has helped us revisit our spending and see where we can cut down even more.I try and buy clothes in the sales for the next stage up especially for the boys as they are continually growing. It’s the same with shoes too.

We save on fruit and veg by seeking out the special offers and going for fruit that is in season to avoid over priced produce too. I batch cook pasta and chop up salads so the bulk is done in one go and it lasts a few days (great for impromptu picnic indoors and out!). I try to meal plan and shop once a week for lunch and tea times.

I found the infographic really interesting in terms of the other products that are on offer seasonally. Are there any that surprise you?


Seasonal Buying Calendar – An infographic by the team at MyVoucherCodes

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We have had our Stokke Xplory for nearly two years now and so I thought it was well worth an updated review. You can see our first impressions  and previous updated review here…but do we feel the same way now?

What’s the push like?

The push is as usual great. As I am short though I did find the push with the buggy board to be a little bit harder. The buggy board is a great size but maybe could be a little bit smaller.

img_5701Is it easy to get onto public transport?

This is super easy. The bus driver does look at me like it takes up a lot of space but actually I think most people think height equals big. Its a doddle to fit into a one seat buggy space and the buggy board flips up so that is well out of the way too.

Is it good quality?

Yes this buggy and it’s board are great quality! You can tell that it has been well looked after over the two years though. I have been quite precious about taking care of it and therefore it isn’t showing much wear and tear other than the wheels and a scratch on the handle.

Is it value for money? Does it meet your needs?

It is a high end item and for me now it isn’t as used as much as it could be. Having two children means that I need something that is easy to both and with Jedi being quite heavy it means that it’s not ideal for him at nearly two years old. However he loves the board to interact with his brother and so that is a fab solution for getting out with two.

What are the pros?

High seat

Sibling interaction

Easy to manoeuvre

What are the cons?


Buggy board is a little too long

The Xplory is a brilliant buggy especially for young children.The height of the seat is fabulous and the buggy board is a great addition should you need one.

I can’t believe another year has so quickly passed us by my darling boy. It’s hard to believe you were once so small now. 

You were nicknamed Bulldozer Bill this year and it really does suit you but for each Bulldozer moment we see one that is equally gentle and kind.

You love to dance and your twerking has been replaced by hip swaying and chicken arms. It’s a delight to watch you absorb music and be so carefree. You love a good theme tune and your favourite now is Go Jetters. 

You have become such an adorable play mate for both your sister and brother. The hair pulling is often quickly forgiven for laughs and giggles while splashing or chasing each other around.

You are starting to show so much empathy towards your brother. You rush when he is upset bringing a spare dummy and even offering your own now. 

You love your daddy cuddles and it is so gorgeous to see such a lovely bond between you both. It really is super special.

For me you are so cheeky and yet so adorable. You quickly turn on the charm and probably get away with a lot more than you should.

My special boy. Now you are 2. And I can’t wait to see how our journey together changes even more this next year.

Happy birthday my love. 

We have had our Silvercross Pop for 6 months and so I thought it was well worth an updated review. You can see our first impressions of the Silvercross Pop here…but do we feel the same way now?

What’s the push like?

I find the push quite easy on this. The wheels can be fixed but we have them so that they turn well and this works for us. It can be a little bumpy but it’s not often we have to go over rough terrain. The handles don’t adjust which is a slight downside on my behalf (I’m 5ft3.

img_4624Is it easy to get onto public transport?

Yes super easy to get on and passed the bend bend near the drivers door. It fits into one buggy space quite easily.

img_4623Is it good quality? Is it value for money? 

This is a great mid range buggy. At around £140 it’s got all the aspects I would like such as full recline and leg rest.img_4397

I love the extendable good which is a must for napping on the go or sunny days.

img_4431Does it meet your needs?

Yes we use this as out nursery buggy for the majority of the time. It’s easy to pack away into our hall cupboard on non nursery days. It’s perfect for our needs.

Although it is from birth I do think you need a cosy toes or lamb skin for a small baby to use it.

img_4625What are the pros?

Big seat

Extendable hood

Easy fold

Good sized basket

img_6868What are the cons?

High handles

Not suitable for tiny babies

Has it lasted well?

We’ve had the buggy for 6 months and it is still practically as new. They hood hasn’t distorted with the fold, the recline mechanism is easy to use still and it’s not creaking at all.