Encouraging your kids to get outside more is vital for their development. Too many kids stay cooped up indoors on games consoles and computers these days. While playing games and watching TV can sometimes be good for their development, getting outside is one of the best ways to speed things up. Here’s why you should encourage and support your kids to get outside:

Get Fresh Air And Sunlight

Kids need fresh air and sunlight to be healthy. Everybody does! You can never get too much fresh air or sun. Being cooped up indoors all the time is no good for the body, so it’s only healthy to encourage your kids to get outside. You can get outside with them to make sure you’re getting enough of it too.

Stay Activeimg_7242

When kids are spending more time outside, they are more likely to stay active. They could be climbing trees, playing hopscotch, building things – anything along those lines. Whether they are alone or with their friends, they’re much more likely to be healthy, active individuals. You could play sports with them or invite their friends over for playdates in the garden. Making them play areas is a good idea too.


Learn About Gardening And Wildlife

Getting your kids outside can help them to learn all about gardening and wildlife. They might even develop a new hobby! Learning about wildlife can help them in their school studies and give them an idea of how to best treat wildlife and things they find in the garden. There are even community gardening projects they could get involved in. Not only will they learn a lot, they can also make lots of new friends!

Strengthen Immune Systems

Kids need to get outside to strengthen their immune systems. Too many parents worry about getting their floors dirty and having to bathe the kids more than once a day, but it’s all for their health. Kids can strengthen their immune systems by coming into contact with dirt and other things. It’s what kids are supposed to do!

Teach Important Life Skills

Finally, encouraging your kids to get outside more will teach them important life skills. Playing outside where they can do whatever they like can help them develop problem solving skills and increase their focus. Kids are usually healthier, happier, and better at getting along with others when they play outside. Playing outside can help them progress in all areas of their lives. While playing indoors and on computers can sometimes develop life skills, playing outside is probably the healthiest and most natural way to do it.


See? Everybody should encourage their kids to get outside more. It doesn’t mean you need to send them out into the street unsupervised or let them go running wild wherever they like. It just means you should send them out into the garden more to have fun. You can encourage them by giving them chalk and other outdoor fun stuff to use. Do it with them to set an example. 

A lot of people buy their first family home and hope to stay there for the majority of their child’s life. But unfortunately it doesn’t always work out like that, and they want to move out. Here is the truth about why families decide to move home

They can’t deal with their neighbours

You will be surprised to know that a lot of the time families decide to move home because they have trouble with their neighbours. Arguments with the neighbours over noise, littering, and pets can often lead to a lot of stress. If you are having issues with your neighbour, it’s best to try and talk to them first. If you feel like they are unapproachable, you could write them a letter instead. Tell them why you are having issues with their behaviour and how they could resolve it. If it continues, it might be worth getting in touch with your local council or the police before choosing to move home.

They hate the area

img_7242Another reason why families decide to move home is because they dislike the area they live in. If there are constant break-ins in the neighbourhood, they worry for their child’s safety. If this is happening to you, you should make moves to secure your home to prevent break-ins occurring. However, if you do decide to move, you should make sure you check the area before you move there. Read up online and ask the estate agent about the area. Make sure you also go and look around the area at night, so you can check what the neighbourhood is really like.


The schools aren’t high achieving

img_7372-2Families decide to move home as the schools they send their kids to aren’t high achieving. As this article says, once a child starts school, life decisions are all based around this. You want your child to go to the best school possible so that they have the greatest opportunities. If you do decide to move, you need to make sure you check the Ofsted reports of the schools. You can also find out information about the best school online on sites such as Netmums.


They can’t afford their current home   

A lot of families decide to move home as they can’t afford their current home. Mortgage payments can be expensive. If one of your jobs are in jeopardy, it could be time to move to a smaller home. You can talk to your bank about what’s occurring, and they may be able to let you make smaller payments till you find a new job. You can also look online for Guides For Homeowners to find advice about affording your home.

They need more room for a new baby


Another reason why families decide to move home is because they have decided to have another baby. Even though you can have one room between two kids, when it comes to the third child, you will need an extra bedroom. When looking for a new home, try and go for one more bedroom than you actually need, so that you have more space for any more kids in the future.


Hopefully, once you have found the right home, you will be happy living there for years to come.

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When your kids are younger, you have to find ways to entertain them in the holidays. If you have to work, they might spend most of the day with a childminder or at a club. However, you still need to find them things to do at the weekends. Plus, it’s likely that you want to take a week or two for your own holiday. However, as they get older, they need less supervision, and they’re less keen to spend time as a family. Teenagers would rather spend their holidays with friends and only be with family if they have to. But they’re sure to be keen on a week in the sun or even a day out somewhere new. If you want to find something you can do together, try one of these ideas.

A Day Out in London

If you’re looking for things to do for all ages, you can’t beat London. Whether you live there, or you want to visit for a day, there’s so much to do. No matter what your teenager enjoys doing, you can find it in London. Perhaps they want to go shopping on Oxford Street the get some new summer clothes.If they enjoy history and culture, there’s so much to do. You could visit one of the museums, or take a tour of the city. Try learning about Jack the Ripper with the tour at http://www.thejacktherippertour.co.uk/. You could also find somewhere trendy to eat or sit down for a fancy afternoon tea. Try some tourist attractions too, like the London Eye.

Try Something They Love

If you want to bond with your teenager, it’s best not to drag them to things they’re not interested in. They might end up enjoying themselves, but it’s not worth the risk that they could be bored stiff. Make sure they don’t resent you by letting them choose what they want to do for the day. As long as it’s a reasonable request, try not to steer them toward something that you would rather do. Even if you’re not keen on the idea of going climbing, you’ll get more respect from your teenager if you’re willing to try for them. You might even want to let them bring a friend or two if you don’t mind having them along.

An Adult Meal

Going to McDonald’s might be a treat, but it’s not very exciting. Some teens love spending quality time with Mum or Dad at a proper restaurant. They get treated like an adult with grown up food, and it’s a special treat just for them. If you have younger kids, they can have one-on-one time too, but they don’t all have to get the same experience. Fair treatment doesn’t necessarily mean treating everyone the same. So if your teenager gets to go for a nice lunch with you, maybe your younger child can come for a piece of cake at your local cafe.


The summer holidays give you lots of time to spend with your teenager. Try to make some plans to do something together at least once or twice.


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Hands up if you’ve ever been caught out by someone bringing a camera where you weren’t expecting it! That’s probably most of us. The thing about it is, we will always say “I’m not ready! Why are you taking photos now?”, even though the fact is that we pretty much all carry a camera with us every day. The advent of camera phones has been a great thing, but it has brought some undesired effects with it.

As a result, we pretty much all know that even a really good camera can take photos that look bad. Every last one of us has seen a picture – of us or a friend – that looks nothing like us in the flesh. Lighting, angles, a momentary glance off camera… and there you are. It’s a horror show. And you KNOW it’s going to end up on someone’s Facebook page. Because life isn’t fair.

But when you know you’re going to be on film, it’s another matter. Bear in mind what people say about the camera adding ten pounds. But they don’t say anything about the camera making you look like you’ve spent a month shut in a darkened room. It happens, so you need to make sure you look as good on camera as you do in all your friends’ eyes. This may require some assistance.



Here’s the deal – if you know you’re going to be filmed or have your photo taken, remember that cameras can have this effect. Even if you would normally wear little or no makeup, it’s not unfair in this case to wear some, and even more than you would usually.

All it is is a counterbalance against what the camera is going to do. You do know, after all, that when the world’s leading actors and actresses are on film, they’re wearing makeup. Usually, they’re caked in it, and while you don’t have to be it’s worth remembering makeup can help.

The good news is that there are increasing options for makeup that will help you look good on camera. They’re designed to look real, cover blemishes and counter the effect of flashes and lights. Reel Creations Effects make up is one of a number of lines that can assist in this way.

Maybe the idea is to make you look more like yourself for a showreel you’re making or a photoshoot. Maybe you’re going to an event where you know you’ll be photographed. Either way it’s important to remember that cameras are unforgiving and will show everything you don’t want them to show. So it is worth hitting back before they hit you.

And for the times when your friends pull out a camera and decide that it’s time for an impromptu selfie and you’re not feeling your look? Well, there’s not much that can be done there, so it may be worth having a few bits and pieces of makeup for emergencies. That, or just keep making faces until they put the camera away. Whatever works for you!


With Wimbledon starting this week it seems no better time to encourage my children to try out a new activity. What is not to love about a bit of park play and strawberries and cream for afters!

"Great British Tennis Weekend - Lewisham - May '15"

“Great British Tennis Weekend – Lewisham – May ’15”

As a child I played on my schools tennis team (thank god there are no photos of my then gangly legs!). I wasn’t really very good at sport but was quite handy with a racket. It’s something I would love to encourage with my children and so will start with the hand paddle style bat and ball this summer as it is perfect for the beach or the park. Who doesn’t love a bit of competitive play and theres also the amazing excuse of having a picnic after!

"Great British Tennis Weekend - Lewisham - May '15"

“Great British Tennis Weekend – Lewisham – May ’15”

Not only is it good for the kids but what a great way to start getting your fitness back too. It’s not as strenuous on the limbs as some other sports so an ideal way to get fit as well as enjoying the summer with your family.

This summer the Lawn Tennis Association are encouraging us to grab our rackets and head to a local tennis session. Locally we are lucky to have 3 parks within a 30 minute walk where there are designated tennis courts but on Sunday 17th July why not join me and the kids as part of something a little bit bigger. I can’t promise there will be a Pimms O’Clock (ok maybe after we can sort that) but there will be Sussex Country Lawn Tennis Club will have activities throughout the day where there are family coaching sessions and more. If you have got a 11 year old or over there are slots for a joint session so that your kids can get the best out of their game. Just book here!


I’m working with the Lawn Tennis Association on their #GBTW campaign. Sign up for your FREE tennis activity here!