We had started to introduce a nightly bottle feed of just 4ounces with Beatlebum at 4 months old and after discussing with our GP we were refereed to a dietician for Cow Milk Protein Allergy. It took 8 weeks from the GP appointment to our hospital appointment. Beatlebum was diagnosed with Cows Milk Protein  Allergy just after he turned 6 months old. We were prescribed a formula called Pepti 2 which he hated so I’ve pretty much been exclusive breastfeeding although we have had some success with goats milk over the last month.

Having had not much experience of this with our other children we were now the parents that had to check every ingredient for milk variants. We have found that it’s actually not too bad and there is not too much extra trouble once you get into the swing of things.

I have found a few brands are fine until they say 7 months on the packet as they are mainly plain fruit and vegetables but on the whole we stick to finger foods in a baby led weaning style. Mainly because it’s easier and we know the additives.

So far we have found 3 brands that are brilliant for weaning a CMPA baby. These are Babaease, Piccolo and Ella’s Kitchen. All three are very clear about their ingredients and over the next few months we will be highlighting each of these separately too.

We would love to hear any tips though. We are starting the Milk Ladder soon after our second dietician appointment and I am keen to write more about this to help other parents too.


I’ve tried various prams over the years and once of the best accessories you can get is a pram liner. They can protect your buggy from the damage done by weaning as well as make your pram look up to date and super funky. Bambella Designs UK sent us their yellow chevron pram liner and strap covers to give our Bugaboo Bee3 a summer vibe.
We loved the lovely bright chevrons and the colours. The fabric on reverse is the pale yellow giving us a reversible option.
We tried the liner on a Cosatto Giggle seat as well as the Bugaboo Bee we use just for Beatlebum. The liner needed to be folded on the Bugaboo as it slightly hung over the edge. I would say would fit a bigger seat such as you find in the style of the Giggle or Chameleon. When folded over though it gave a nice soft padding to the seat unit of our smaller style stroller.
It also fits perfectly onto our Silvercross Pop stroller that we have for the nursery run.
The strap sleeves were also sent in matching fabric and these look great on the Silvercross. Bugaboo add their own straps now and as they are non removable we didn’t use them on the Bee BUT these are again really soft and a great product addition as they protect and give comfort against unpadded straps.

What They Say

Bambella Designs universal pram liners are handmade to the highest standard using 300 gram density inlay for additional comfort.

Our liners are designed to fit ALL prams on the market with a five point safety harness and come with side wings to offer added support for your baby and extra protection for your pram.

Each liner is made from 100% cotton and has an absorbent layer of PUL sewn into the liner to add extra protection from spills or for when toilet training.

You’ll find that this company are shortlisted for a few awards and rightly so. We would definitely be purchasing another set!

LBP Awards 2016 Shortlisted Logo copy_clipped_rev_1-1

Now Jedi is 2 years old it felt right to try and make sure his bed is growing with him. We went from co-sleeping to his own bed pretty quickly and he didn’t really like being in a cot. He has had a bed barrier for a year but we wanted something that would allow a less bulky option in time for him to be getting a new bed later this summer.

The Acosy bed bumper is a great alternative to a metal bed barrier. I have always found the barriers are quite noisy and this foam made bumper is less intrusive and isn’t noisy too. It’s soft if Jeid rolls into it and makes the bed feel quite cosy too.

The bumper fits under a sheet and the company also sell extra wide sheets to ensure that the bumper fits neatly onto your bed. We did find the bumper slipped as the sheet was a little too big but it’s nice and snug under a normal sheet. I think if you were having bumpers either side their own sheet would be a good investment too.

We were sent the Little Joey pack priced at £22.48 but all thoughts are our own.


Life insurance can be a morbid topic of conversation. Nevertheless, it’s always beneficial to plan for the future. If you’re a parent, or you have a partner, there are many advantages to taking out life insurance. Here is an essential guide to help you decide whether or not to take out an insurance policy.




What exactly is life insurance?

Life insurance is a policy, which provides financial protection for your family in the event of you passing away. In most cases, you pay a monthly fee in return for a lump-sum, which is provided when the policyholder dies. There are lots of different policies available, including joint and individual policies. In the case of a joint plan, the sum is awarded to the surviving policyholder when their partner passes away. The level of cover, the fee, and the value of the policy vary. When you’re looking for life insurance, it’s always worth comparing providers. You can find more information about personal coverage here.

Why would I need life insurance?

None of us want to think about dying. But sadly, this is a reality for each and every one of us. Life insurance can provide you with peace of mind that your loved ones will be protected financially when you die. The money provided by your insurance policy could help with funeral costs or cover outstanding debts. It could also be put towards the cost of a new home or university fees for your children. At a time when your partner is likely to be distraught, the last thing they need is financial worries. Insurance can help to make life that little bit less stressful when it feels like the world has caved in.

Life insurance is also a requirement for financial borrowing. In some cases, you’ll only be offered a mortgage or a loan if you have a valid policy in place.

Which policy should I take out?

If you search online for life insurance, you may be shocked at the sheer number of results. Within seconds, you’ll find hundreds of providers, firms, and policies. You can use the Internet to do some research and compare prices. You can also arrange to see an insurance advisor who can talk you through the different options.

Pre-existing conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition, you may have assumed that it’s not possible to get life insurance. However, this is not the case. Most insurance providers now offer policies for those with underlying health conditions. It is important that you declare any pre-existing conditions before you take a policy out. If you don’t, any subsequent claims you make may be rejected.
If you’re a parent, the last thing you want to think about is leaving your kids behind. But unfortunately, this is a scenario all of us need to consider. Life insurance isn’t compulsory, but it does have many advantages, especially for parents. If you have dependents, an insurance payout can ease financial worries and provide for your family in the future. If you don’t already have a policy in place, it’s worth doing some research to find out more.

Many parents would love to quit their day job and become a full-time mum or dad. However, many worry that it would affect their finances too much. They doubt they will be able to afford losing one source of income. But it is actually easy to manage financially even if one parent quits work. Want to know how to do it? Here are some steps to help you make it a viable move.

Know Exactly What You Are Eligible For

As parents, you will be eligible for certain child maintenace and tax breaks. Normally, these are means tested. So, if your household is earning over a certain amount, you might not be eligible for the money. The less you earn, the more you will get. That means that once you or your partner gives up your full-time job, there is a good chance you may be eligible for more child benefits. You will also be able to apply for many specialist finance offers, such as life insurance for mothers. You can check out more information and web sites such as www.claybrooke.org.uk/parents-and-life-insurance/mums-and-mothers/

Cut Out The Unnecessary Payments

Now that you are at home all the time, you will no longer have to pay for any childcare. This is a big weight off your shoulders! But there are many other unecessary payments that many households have. Things like satellite TV and monthly phone plans. You need to go through your bank statement to see all your direct debits. Is there any that you can go without? If so, you should stop the payment. You might be surprised at how much this saves you each month!

Make Money At Home

Thanks to the internet, there are now many ways you can earn some cash without leaving the house. One of the best ways is to start blogging. This is also a great way to turn a hobby into a job! Once your blog gets set up, you’ll find that companies approach you about sponsoring your site. You could even use online auction websites to sell all your old clothes, books, and CDs. The best thing about this kind of work is that you can balance it easily with your childcare. So while the kids are having their daily nap, you can work on your latest blog post www.theblogstarter.com/

See If There Is Chance Of A Promotion

When you are deciding which parent should quit their job, it is always worth it for the one with the lowest salary to quit. This way, you are still getting a sizable income from the highest earner. However, there could be more room for improvement. Whoever keeps their job should ask for a promotion. It is always worth asking if there is a chance of being promoted within the company, and asking won’t do any harm. The pay rise could make all the difference to how well you afford having one stay at home parent in your household.

So, Can Afford To Quit The Day Job?



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