Breastfeeding can go through phases. I’ve always had a mix of a stressful time and really enjoying it. Sometimes you can forget that it can feel quite a drain on your body and when it does you need to look after yourself and I found a few essentials that you need to carry with you at all times! These things all go into my change bag which doubles as a work waterproof bag!


You really do need to keep hydrated so carrying a small filter bottle like a bobble can be a good idea for on the go. I keep mine in my buggy so it is there and just top up on the go.


Food is so important and theres nothing like getting the breastfeeding mumchies grumps. I avoid this by having some snacks in my bag. A Freida bar and an apple or banana are great for on the go energy boosts and to keep hunger at bay until you can get to sit down for lunch

img_6609-1Spare top and breast pads

These are always a must especially in the early days when leaks can occur. I found that I needed a couple of pairs of breast pads for a day trip and a spare top too. Actually it’s always good to have the spare top anyway as when weaning starts that is a whole heap of messy fun too!

A notebook!

Well this may not be an essential but for me it is. Post breastfeeding sleep is a great time to think about self care so packing a notebook in your bag to write down little memories/ideas or lists is a brilliant thing to carry around with you too!


What are your breastfeeding essentials?

With the British weather being so unpredictable it is essential for us to make sure the buggy contains all we need for wet or dry weather. The Rockin’ Baby Pouring Lion Poncho has been an essential part of packing for day trips out at the moment.


The poncho is easy to store. It folds up into itself making a handy pocket. We pop them under the buggy and Fizz takes hers to school in her book bag.

As the material is thin it means it is easy to wash and dry should it get mucky but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good at protecting from the showers we have been having.

The kids can where it as a typical poncho or they can pop the press studs under need the arms to make it more secure feeling. This means it is also ideal for babywearing too!

Rocking Baby also run a Mother to Mother scheme where they donate a piece of clothing or a sling for every item you buy. This is a brilliant world community spirited project and one I think is so important.

It is summer time, and it is time to take your family on holiday. A family holiday is a great way to spend quality time with your kids and partner, as well as a good way to enjoy the summer. Well, as long as you can keep the kids entertained! For the most part, a family holiday is beneficial, but there are some negatives. One of those negatives is your children’s safety. On holiday, children are a lot more vulnerable than they are at home. Bearing that in mind, here are some tips that will help you keep them safe.

Watch Them At All Times


Kids have a tendency to go off and explore when they visit new places. Like they do at home, they think they are safe and have no sense of danger. As a parent, it is your job to keep an eye on them when they visit a new environment. But, it is also important to watch them intently. It is not uncommon for mums and dads to take their eye off of the ball for a minute. At home, it doesn’t make too much of a difference. Abroad, it can be the difference between losing them and bringing them back safely.

Talk To Them Beforehand

Although they are young, they do have responsibility for their safety. Of course, you don’t expect them to do the bulk of the work because of the age. However, you do expect them to act smart in certain situations. If that is the case, you need to explain to them how you want them to behave when you go on holiday. An explanation goes a long way for kids because it sticks in their minds. It also makes them aware of the dangers, the dangers that they don’t understand or know exists.

Get Insurance

Preparing for the worst doesn’t mean that the worst is going to happen. It just means that if it does, you will be able to react. Because kids like to enjoy themselves on holiday, they like to run around and play. When there are lots of people and a pool in the mix, accidents can occur. An insurance policy or European health card will cover the dangers. Why? It will cover the dangers because it covers the cost. The most important thing to do is to get treatment as soon as possible. You can’t do that if you don’t have the money, and treatment is expensive abroad. Your insurance policy will pick up the tab so that you don’t have to worry.

Mind The Sun

One of the biggest dangers on holiday is the sun. Children have sensitive skin, and the sun can burn it quite severely. You need to lather them in sun cream even when you are just walking around because that is the power of the sun. Some parents like to use sun block to make sure that the sun does no damage whatsoever. You don’t have to go that far, but you should use a high factor.

It is important to have fun on holiday, yet it is imperative to stay safe.

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We have had our Cosatto Giggle for nearly two years now and so I thought it was well worth an updated review

What’s the push like?

I had forgotten how lightweight this buggy actually is! I’ve not tried it with Jedi aged 2 yet but Beatlebum is loving sleeping in the Giggle so much we have started a daytime nap routine in it and get two 2 hour naps at a time! The push can be a little shakey but I do think for a buggy that has now seen three children using it it has lasted well.

img_7817Is it easy to get onto public transport?

It is quite easy. As a three wheeler it does take a little knack to get on and off. That could be me though as we have been using 4 wheel buggies for the last few months.

Is it good quality? Has it lasted well?

Yes! Considering it is just over two years old and had 3 owners it doesn’t feel like it’s on its last legs at all. A quick wash of that material and it’s looking pretty much as new bar the muddy wheels. We have bought a pram liner for it but thats more because we wanted to pad the seat unit out.

Jedi is 23 months and has outgrown the seat unit! Look how big he is now!

Is it value for money? Does it meet your needs?

I think this buggy was a good investment. It does meet our needs right now as a family when Jedi is having a nursery day but we have a double for days where I have both boys.

What are the pros?


Spacious seat

Five point harness

Easy to switch from parent to world facing

Reclines in various positions

What are the cons?

I would love to try a 4 wheel version of this buggy. I am not the best driver of three wheelers but this is a user issue not a buggy now!

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We do love to try out all things cloth nappy and so when TotsBots came to us with a new swim nappy to try we obviously said yes!

I don’t show certain photos of the children on the bog so you’ll have to trust me on the absorbency when wet!


The nappy comes in two designs and costs £9.99. It is a good value for money product and essential beachwear for this summer. The nappys absorbency was really good. We tested in the bath as well as switching for one normal nappy over an hour. The nappy did well and we have no accidents or leaks with either boy.

The velcro tabs make it easy to adjust the nappy and the soft inner lining feels nice against the skin.

The nappy should fit both boys. It was a bit baggy on the legs for Beatlebum but a better fit on Jedi. It could do with having the press studs that their easy fit range have.

All in all it is a great swim nappy and I look forward to using it on the beach this summer.