Decorating a child’s bedroom is a great chance to let your imagination go wild. After all, you can choose great themes to make the room look fantastic for your kid. However, you need to make sure you add items that are going to make your child’s room a place of comfort and play for many years to come. Also, you want items which will help them to get to sleep and wake up on time too! Therefore, don’t forget to add these useful items to your child’s room.


A clock

It might surprise you that a clock is a must-have for your child’s bedroom. As this article says, it can help your child to understand the importance of following a daily routine. For example, if they wake up in the night, they can look at the clock and know it’s not time to get up yet. There are even some clocks available which will shine a particular colour when it’s okay to wake up the parents. It will ensure you don’t have to keep taking your child back to their bed in the night. You could even buy one with an alarm so that they wake up at a scheduled time!


A room thermometer

Moms will know how important it is to keep your child at the right temperature. Overheating will mean your child won’t get a proper night’s rest and will be a nightmare the next day. And if they are a baby, overheating can put them in danger of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Therefore, you need to consider installing a room thermometer in your kid’s bedroom. That way, you can check the temperature of the room in the night and adjust it as necessary. And just so you know, the room should be between 16ºC and 20ºC to keep your child safe.

A dimmer light switch

If your child is anything like mine, it won’t go to sleep without a bedtime story. However, you don’t want to keep the main light on while you are reading as they won’t fall asleep. Therefore, you might want to look into installing a dimmer light switch in your child’s bedroom. That way, you can adjust it to a better setting when you are reading to your child. You can get various dimmer light switches such as the trailing edge dimmer which will ensure you have a silent dimming control. That way, you won’t wake up your child once they are asleep. It’s also beneficial to parents as it can reduce your energy bill!

A large wardrobe

You need to make sure you are thinking on the long-term when you are designing your kid’s room. Therefore, when you are choosing a wardrobe for your child’s bedroom, you should buy a large sized wardrobe which will last them for years. That way, you won’t have to keep buying brand new furniture for your kid’s bedroom every couple of years.


Remember to purchase a toy organiser for your child’s bedroom. That way, they won’t end up scattered all over the floor!

Hi, I’m Jules. I blog over at Pondering Parenthood. I started my blog last September when I was trying to conceive and needed somewhere to release my thoughts as I was driving my poor husband mad! We were very lucky to conceive quickly and now I write about family life with our baby girl, Little M. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, too!

 I’ve been trying to come up with Saturday Soundtrack options that make me look cool, but frankly I’ve given up because I love nothing more than a bit of cheese! So in the interest of being true to myself, here are my five tracks:

1: Hakuna Matata

Hubby discovered that Little M loves this song when she was just a few weeks old. I think she’s going to be a musical little thing as she smiles just upon hearing the introduction! It also makes us laugh as she does some hideous smelling farts so can relate to Pumba I feel!

2: Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

This is another of hubby’s favourites, which I have grown to love! It’s just so lovely to sway around the kitchen to in my dressing gown, with Little M in my arms. I love listening to all the different musical elements to this song – you can’t beat a bit of sax!

3. Lava

We first saw this short film at the cinema when we went to see Inside Out. It’s just a really cute little melodic singalong song, and we love a good sing song in this house!

4. S Club 7 – Bring it all back

Frankly, I could have chosen more than one song by S Club 7. They just feel like sunshine on a cloudy day, and they’re great to bob around to in the kitchen! Plus I like the feel good message of resilience and determination in this song.

5. Taylor Swift – Shake it Off

Love a bit of T-Swift! This is my absolute favourite song of hers and I defy anyone to be miserable enough to not want to dance around to this! It was also the last song at our wedding so holds lovely memories there, too.

As a parent, I understand just how difficult bedtime can be. Kids don’t want to stop playing and will often kick up a fuss when they even hear the mention of bed. Trying to get your child up the stairs and into bed can be a whole other struggle. But there is a way to make bedtime easier for both you and your child. And that’s to get them excited about it! So how exactly do you do that? Here are some easy ways to get your child excited about bedtime.



img_8478Get Some Cool Pyjamas


Your child will definitely have their favourite characters from cartoons and movies. So why not get them excited by some cool new pyjamas inspired by these awesome characters? Superhero Pyjamas will help your child imagine that they’re a cool crime fighter. While girls will love sleeping in clothes inspired by Frozen or Dora the Explorer. No matter what your child is into, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some trendy pyjamas that can get them looking forward to bedtime!


Read A Bedtime Story


Most kids will probably request a bedtime story before you switch the lights out. When you are picking your next book to read to them, it’s a good idea to get a book that can be spread out over a couple of nights. Once your child gets into the story, they won’t be able to wait to find out what happens next! Not only is this a great way to get kids excited for bedtime, but you’ll also find that you may even enjoy the story as well!


Go Stargazing


During the autumn and winter, the nights will be longer, and it will get darker very early on in the evenings. This is perfect for stargazing! Go outside into your garden for a few minutes before it’s time to go up to bed. You should both see how many stars you can count. Buy a book that tells you about all the constellations to see if you can spot any. This is such a fun activity to do before bedtime. And it is also a great way to calm kids down before they get into bed!




I’m pretty sure that all kids love snacks! And they will certainly love them before climbing into bed. If you incorporate some healthy snacks into your bedtime routine, it will give your child something to look forward to. But there are other benefits of ensuring your child eats a little something just before bed. They’ll stay full throughout the night which can help them sleep better throughout the night. Remember that your child should always brush their child after the snack before they go to sleep.


Get All The Hard Stuff Out Of The Way
Your kids certainly won’t be excited about bedtime if they see it as one big chore. So get all the boring and hard stuff out of the way, like brushing teeth and getting changed. Once they are ready for bed, you can start doing some of the fun stuff mentioned in this post!

Saturday Soundtrack is BACK! Our weekly dancefest is grooving it’s way back into your saturday morning! This week’s guest DJ is Sarah and who blogs over at

Hi, I’m Sarah. I have a one year old boy, and a two year old girl, so life is pretty crazy around here!
We love nothing more than popping on a lively song to dance to in the mornings, to give us that extra oomph and wake ourselves up properly! 🙂

#1 Dog Days – Florence & The Machine
My favourite song of all time. Seriously, it gets me everytime.

It’s perfect to dance to, as it starts off slow, then suddenly you’re in full blown dancing mode!

#2 Happy – Pharrell
This is my 2 year old’s favourite song of all time.
It’s the song that used to get her to sleep when she was a newborn.
It’s such a good song for anyone to dance to, the video is perfect inspiration for some crazy dance moves.

#3 Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
This is probably my 2 year old’s second favourite.
It’s such a feel good song, and we absolutely love it here.
Yup, we still love it, it’s catchy and fun!

#4 Blame It On Me – George Ezra
Do you ever find songs that genuinely just make you feel happy inside?
Just makes you feel like everything is going to be ok, and you’re going to have an amazing day.
This is my happy song.

#5 Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song
First things first, the kids will love this video.
But the song is really catchy, and fun to sing and dance along too.
Not to over the top, perfect for a little boogie in the morning 🙂

Laura Hamilton is best known for her presenting skills on A Place In The Sun, but she is also mother of two young children. During her last pregnancy Laura put on 4 stone, but with the help of celebrity fitness guru John Beeby she lost her baby weight and has launched fitness app “Laura Hamilton’s Full Body Workout”. I got to ask her a few questions on the launch of her new app…

1) Do you think there is too much pressure on mums to start thinking about weight loss? 

How can we ensure mums don’t feel pressured until they are ready? I personally never felt any pressure from anyone else. I put the pressure on myself to lose my weight because of my job on screen and I’d read a comment that someone said I looked over weight. Ultimately new mums need to focus on the fact that their body has done something incredible – produced a baby! Think 9 months on and 9 months off.

2) What do you think is the ideal time to start your post natal fitness programme?

My personal trainer told me I should really wait for 12 weeks after a c-section but with a normal birth you can start light exercising after 6 weeks. I already had Rocco who was 17 months when Tahlia arrived so even though I wasn’t exercise I was still running around after a toddler which uses a fair bit of energy!
3) What would you say is unique about your fitness app and why an app rather than a DVD? 

Most people carry their phones with them all the time, so you can literally use my app wherever you are, at anytime without any equipment. Because the workouts have been put together by a professional (John Beeby), it’s like having a personal trainer in your back pocket!

 4) Body confidence is at such a low for some women post birth. What was guaranteed to give you a boost post birth? 

My husband and family kept telling me how great I looked. I think having good, supportive people around you is one of the most important things to help give you a boost. I think it’s important to remember that you go through so many hormonal changes throughout and after a pregnancy so you should only focus on your body and your appearance when you are mentally ready.

 5) For those mums that really struggle with their weight after kids what one piece of advice would you give them?

 Try not to finish off your children’s food if they don’t eat it – you can end up eating more than you realise. When you feel tired you often want to eat sugary things for energy but it’s terrible because it only gives you a quick fix. Snack on nuts instead.

 6) What is your favourite exercise and why? And again with your worst!

 I particularly like ab exercises because that’s where I see results quickly. I don’t really enjoy leg exercises but I try to enjoy them as they are the worst part of my body.

 7) Do you think dress size and weight is right to be our focus? Or should we be taking smaller baby steps for our own health and fitness?

 I think it’s best to set goals every couple of weeks or once a month. Set realistic goals too. I think it’s best to focus on weight and make sure you always use the same scales on the same surface. Measuring weight loss by dress size doesn’t really work for me because clothes sizes can vary from shop to shop. 

 8) Finally – tell me about your best parenting triumph and your worst! 

 Ooooh I don’t think I can’t answer that – parenting changes constantly as your children grow and develop. I guess my biggest triumph is realising I can travel easily with them two weeks every month. My worst – I once managed to lock my keys, bag, phone and Rocco in the car in a shop car park. I had to get someone to call the fire brigade and it was awful. Thankfully they arrived in 10 minutes. I am making sure that doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for popping by Laura! 

You can follow Laura on Twitter and Instagram @laurahamiltontv


Laura Hamilton’s Full Body Workout is available on the App Store and Google Play, priced at £2.99. To download the app please visit: