When you’re trying to grow and establish your business in Bangkok, it can be difficult to know how to progress at a quicker pace. All business owners want to see results faster but growing a business in a foreign country is never as easy as you might think it’s going to be. Then again, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it and the opportunities just wouldn’t be the same.

With a serviced office, you can quickly establish yourself in Bangkok, as you won’t have to deal with all of the headaches that come with finding a more conventional office space. Building a business in Thailand is certainly no walk in the park, but you can make the whole experience a little easier on you and your staff with the advantages that come with running your operations from a Bangkok serviced office.

Continue reading to find out what benefits you can expect from choosing a serviced office space over a traditional office facility.

Get Set Up Quickly

When you choose to go serviced, you don’t have to organise people to decorate, manage and worry about the office space you will be calling home. Instead, the provider will take care of that for you, ensuring that all of the small details from furnishings to cleaners are covered. While these more mundane details are being taken care of, you can focus on how you are going to conduct your business activities in Bangkok.

Increased Flexibility

With a serviced office, you give yourself more flexibility than with a traditional office lease. You don’t have to worry about long-term leases or having to sell your office if you want to upgrade or move your business to another market. This level of increased flexibility will give you peace of mind and will give you an edge over the competition who may be dealing with these stresses on a daily basis.

Professional Staff

Having access to attentive, professional staff who will answer the phones and greet your clients in person gives your business an added level of professionalism. Having new clients arrive at your serviced office space to be greeted by a well-groomed, professional receptionist speaks volumes for your company image and sets the tone for a productive meeting.

Business Network

When you work with the larger premium serviced office companies, you’re not limited to just one city. There are a network of cities around the world that you can tap into and work from if you decide to go overseas for business or personal reasons. You can always be sure that you’ll have access to the same top-class facilities, no matter which of their global locations you’re visiting.

Trust & Influence

Having a corporate address in Bangkok allows you to quickly gain trust and influence in the local market. Your clients will recognise your prestigious office address in Bangkok and immediately have a positive impression of your business and see that you are serious about doing business in their city. Trust and influence are a big part of doing business and once you gain the trust of potential clients it’s easier to influence their purchasing decisions and close business deals.

Expanding Your Business with a Serviced Office

As you start to expand business operations from your serviced office in the prestigious Bangkok location of your choosing, you’ll quickly see that things come together easier for you. Not having to recruit and hire staff, furnish your office space or deal with stressful long-term fixed contracts means you can concentrate on running your business as well as possible.

With Bangkok serving as the perfect gateway to the ASEAN market and quickly cementing itself as a hub for innovation and startups in Southeast Asia, now is the perfect time to expand your business to this exciting corner of Southeast Asia.

Today I have a guest blog by Gitte Winter Graugaard

Every day our children are bombarded with impressions and impulses. Screens, the internet, over-scheduling of activities, information (over) flow and overload, divorced parents, a life split between two homes, and long packed school days – all this has a great influence on our children and statistics are on the rise: more children than ever before suffer from stress, depression, anxiety and sadness. Quite without realising we ask a lot of our children. And for some the pressure is all too great and the world can seem so frightening that anxiety becomes an all too familiar companion whenever an unfamiliar experience presents itself or a new adventure comes knocking at the door.

Here are a few tips to guide your child through anxiety and meditations.

  1. Pick a time when you feel good and have energy to help your child deal with a new method to fall asleep.


  1. Stay calm and loving in your energy even if your child has difficulties with the new method. Your energy, mood and way of communicating with your child highly affect how quickly he/she calms down.


  1. Turn off all screens two hours before bedtime.


  1. Lay down next to your child and show him/her you have time to read the book in a calm and cosy way. Snuggle up. And if you fall asleep yourself, you might need just that.


  1. Talk to your child about the experience with meditation. Listen – there is a lot to learn. Encourage your child to draw the images or feelings he/she sees or experiences during meditation.

Children should be free to embrace adventure and if anxiety is holding them back, meditation can help them overcome their initial fears and be part of the activities ahead of them. Too often anxiety makes children miss out on activities they would love participate in. Meditation encourages them to let go of their troubles, control their breathing and become aware of their conscious and unconscious thoughts and face their fears. It can help them to connect with their inner Self, and as with adults, regain vital perspective. In short, meditation enables children to understand their inner world and face their anxieties in a way that shrinks their anxiety monsters and makes them easier to live with.

Now available in the UK “The Children’s Meditations In my Heart” is available from priced £14.95 for a hard copy, £4.97 for a kindle copy, and £5.09 for a pdf download from 

As parents it isn’t often we get to go out and have a dining experience. A few weeks ago La Belle Assiette sent a chef to our home so we could host a dinner party with a few friends we hadn’t seen in a while (tell a lie we had seen one the week before but…).

The fine dining experience at home really appealed to me. With 3 children and 2 unpredictable sleepers it can often be hard to go out for a meal and leave them at home. We also had added costs of a babysitter. To be able to entertain at home is essential for us. Our kitchen was completely ripped out last year and so it’s now a perfect chance for us to invite people over and have a night catching up.

La Belle Assiette put us in touch with our chef Terry who got in touch via a phone call (I love it was a personal touch like this and not an email!). I was asked about likes/dislikes and what dietary requirements we had, what equipment we had available, the space and also about dining at hoe around the children. Terry made me feel so at ease and made sure we were given a menu that was making us drool weeks before arriving at the door! We kept in touch via text so I was really at ease by the time the night of our dinner party came around.

When Terry arrived it was so wet and windy! The children were still up and he was kind and considerate of being in a family home. Taking time to explain o our 3 year old what was going on with me. Thankfully the youngest children were asleep by the time dinner was served!

The first course was Smoked Salmon terrain for the meat eaters and Whipped Golden Cross Goats Cheese, Beetroot Relish and Walnut Toast as a vegetarian option. Both starters were generous in size and you could tell the produce was so fresh. The home made tomato bread was a lovely touch.

The main course was lamb and this was amazing. The meat was tender and the accompanying sauce was delicious. For a veggie option there was a polenta cake which was full of flavour.

By time dessert came around my youngest had woken up. Terry was again considerate around the children and the situation as was a delight throughout! He talked us through each course and then after all the cooking was done he cleared the kitchen! If you are a parent you will know that that is a delight within itself!

After Terry had packed up and gone home we sat chatting to our guests until gone midnight. The whole evening was just lovely and I cannot wait to book again. It really was the most enjoyable evening and the food was a complete winner!

Thank you to La Belle Assiette for letting us review their service, to Terry for the incredible food and for Mark Rea Photography who came along to photograph the evening! All views are my honest opinion and all photos are from Mark part from the dessert photography which I am surprised I even got as I was wrapped up in not having to do much and enjoying my evening!

Spring will be here in a flash of the eye and I for one am looking forward to feeling the warmth on my feet by switching boots to sandals. A lot of us will have neglected our feet a bit over the colder months and they’re probably a bit worse for wear. Cracked heels and unpainted toes will need a bit of TLC to get them looking their best. If you don’t have time to head to your nearest treatment rooms, or prefer to look after your feet yourself, then a home pedicure is a great way to regularly look after your feet.

I love a home pedicure and it’s a sure fire way to feel fab quickly! It’s so easy to set up and do and I’m trying to schedule it in once a day to make sure my toes are ready for flip flops this spring/summer.

So what do you need to get started?

If you haven’t got yourself a foot spa then now might be the time to invest in one. You will want to keep the temperature warm – but not too hot. Set the mood to relax, and maybe check out a meditation video on you tubeso you can combine into your time.

If you haven’t got a spa then a bowl of warm water with a few bubbles in will be just fine. You’ll also need:

A pumice stone

Cuticle remover

Your favourite nail varnish

Nail file

What do I do next?

Clean your feet with a warm damp flannel and remove any old nail varnish

You will need to grab a book and let your feet soften in the water for up to 20 minutes.

When they are soft grab your pumice stone to remove any hard skin

Wipe clean with a warm flannel and then rub in your favourite cream or oil.

Cut your nails straight and then tidy up by filing the nails to a rounded shape and paint with your favourite colour. Pastels are fab for spring so what about a yellow or turquoise colour. Very spring!

Add a bit of sparkle! The sun will catch the glimmers and shimmer in the sunshine.

And there you have it – perfect toes ready to show off in your favourite sandals or shoes from Uppersole shoes! They have a lovely glitzy selection up at the moment!

This video is fab if you want to set up a home spa to give your toes a treat! There is any reason why you cant have a pamper at home. If you have children then wait until they are in bed or get your partner to take them out for lunch while you soak your feet. Grab a book while they soak too. Bliss!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this into into how to give your self a home pedicure! If you are pregnant do seek advice as some pedicures may not be suitable! Maybe give your partner a sneaky hint that they can do this  by sharing this blog too!


As January is one of the months where we think most about our fitness and what we want to achieve from our year I have turned to looking for alternative ways to work out and get some headspace from our busy family life. We have a few golf courses near to us and I have thought that it may be a fun activity to take up with the children once warmer weather is on its way.

I have read that golf can be thought of as one of the hardest activities to learn. For me this kind of challenge would be a great one as you have to commit and be consistent. I love that methodical tasks and so think this would be quite freeing away from my desk and home.

There is a lot of walking about so I would get my 10k plus steps in by playing. I think any increase in physical activity is great so a day playing golf would be beneficial to our health but also it is easy on the joints for any older family members joining us. It really is a good activity for all ages. Did you know the average golf course is around 3.5 miles? (source)

If we were to play as a family then we would have a set time to play together. Golf can take play over hours and so we would make it a regular day activity. Take a picnic and compete against each other!

Of course I would spend some money on getting us kitted out with clothing for the golf course from Function 18. I love a bit of sportswear (whilst playing not regular day wear) and a flatcap and knee high socks would look super don’t you think?

I love the fact that anyone can play and will also bring about the same lessons from it. It isn’t just about competing it is about thought, etiquette and consideration. Valuable life lessons we can all take on. I love the fact that you learn a new set of skills and develop them. I think that this would be fantastic for the children. 

I also like the fact that it would move us outside. We would be away from all the distractions of the home. We all know a pile of washing, an iPad or the TV can be distracting and I think it is wholly important to get outside in the fresh air and take part in an activity which can build our relationship as a family and with others.

So you see golf isn’t just for the older generation, it’s something we can do and grow within families too. It encourages growth, strength and support which are all great skills to install in our children. A day out adventure with a difference.

Have you considered doing a regular activity together as a family? What common interests could you bring together as a family that would benefit you all? Would you be up for a visit to the golf course?