We do love a good game that we can play with the children and Fletter is one such game that is fun for any age.

Fletter is a quick fire word game using 110 cards that each have a letter on them. They are great for getting Fizz to spell out her words and also compete against us to get there the quickest too.


I love that this game is quite portable too. It is no bigger than two packs of cards so also makes a perfect travel game. Last week we took it to lunch with us when we met up with friends. They loved shouting it out when they spotted the words and grabbing points to add to their score (similar in scrabble to that respect).

We have enjoyed playing this game so far and it really is a great way to get away from technology and talk as a family too. The littlest one at nearly 4 wants to join and I think it will be handy to adapt the game as he is learning his alphabet and word recognition too.

Fletter is £7.99 and is available to buy from Fletter.co.uk

Fizz is at the age now where she has her own tablet and is definitely part of the tech generation.

She loves to try out different apps and was happy to be sent a chance to review the FREE app from Kuato Studios – Shopkins Happy Places App with a little budget to spend on in app purchases.

The app was easy to find on the App Store and Fizz got into how it worked quickly. She’s 8 (that age range is 5-8) and does know around an iPad so this may be different for younger users. We’ve tried it on an iPhone as well as an iPad and it’s equally as good on both.

She found the app really easy to use and sent me a screen shot of what she had been doing while testing it out. She loved being able to decorate and then share her #HouseGoals. She’s already found she can create to earn petkins or unlock new places to go.

I love that is very much aimed at Fizz and her creativity. She can design rooms from furniture to wallpaper. She has the choice to purchase extra items.

Once she has designed her spaces she can take photos and send them to me. But also she can earn points towards extra items by building up her interior design skills!

I do also love the grown up area when you can set play time limits. I would like Fizz to earn screen time so this is a fab way of doing this too.

The app is free to download and additional items can be purchased. I’d advise parents to set a passcode so that your child comes to ask and you enter rather than leaving their device open.

You can purchase the official licensed app here: Shopkins Happy Places by Kuato Games

An Executive Assistant or EA is a role that is somewhat similar to that of a personal assistant or PA.  But the role does tend to come with more responsibility and a wider range of duties. It also comes with a higher salary in most cases.  So what does an executive assistant do?

EA job duties

The role of the executive assistant will be different within every business.  The main aim is to provide support to senior management and handle tasks such as organisation, scheduling, human resources, meetings and even correspondence.  

They will often be asked to organise the larger office, manage a particular project and institute processes for documents and files as well as deadline compliance issues.

Other examples of duties that an EA may be asked to do include:

  • Organise and schedule meetings, sending invites to people who are to attend
  • Create agenda for those meetings and take meetings during them
  • Organise travel arrangement for their manager and sometimes other senior management including flights, transportation and hotel accommodation
  • Oversee the office correspondence process for both incoming and outgoing mail as well as the electronic filing system
  • Manage projects and follow up with team members on progress
  • Maintain strong relationships with other EAs and departments to ensure smooth operation of the business
  • Prepare and deliver monthly reports

Skills and qualifications

Qualifications can be varied and achieved while working up through the different roles within a business or by taking Executive Assistant Training Courses.  You can also consider training in specific areas that you feel the need to improve in order to progress to an EA role.

The key to being a good executive assistant is that you have certain skills and traits that make you the ideal person for the role.  For example, strong organisational skills are a crucial trait for anyone working as an EA.

Not only do you need to be able to organise your own day but that of your manager or employer.  You may even be responsible for organising the schedules of a team of people depending on the nature of the company.  This means balancing multiple calendars and creating a system to ensure everything is handled and nothing missed.

Relationships are important in this kind of role and building strong professional ones is important.  You need to work well not only with your manager but also with other EAs and PAs within the company.

You may also be required to liaise with others in partner companies, clients and other businesses.  So good communication skills are key for this.

Should I become an EA?

If you have the skills listed above and enjoy the prospect of the kind of tasks you are liable to be required to do, then an EA can be an interesting and fulfilling job.  

You can help people to get the most from their working lives and make their busy work life easier.  It is also a job that despite technological advances still remains in high demand. So, if you are looking for a career path or a change of career, it is one with a strong future.

Finding ways to get your family to bond, and to stay connected, is one of the most important things in the world. A close-knit family is a happy family. If you have more than one child, you are also paving the way for them all to be best friends in the future. Once you all grow older, having children that are friends over siblings will be one of the most special parts of your life. So, how you can go about making sure you are a bonded family, both today and tomorrow? There are a number of ways you can actively encourage this. Let’s take a look at three great places to start…



Now the kids are all walking and we dont always need a pushchair scooters are our preferred method of transport. Fizz has been asking for a pair of skates too and I am all for getting active we will invest in a pair for both of us. I am a great believer that scooting or skating is not just for the kids and parents should have a go too! It’s also such a easy way of getting about and enjoying the seafront


Travel together

We are all realizing more and more just how important travel is for family bonding. The experience of being away from home together is a brilliant one. It can bring up challenges, and new experiences that take you out of your comfort zones. So, whether you’re looking for holidays for active families, or something more relaxed, you’ll be able to find it. If activity is what you’re after, you could think sport. What about a holiday that includes participation in fun, family-orientated activities. Treasure hunts and canoeing are great examples of this. Or even just share the experience of seeing a new sight together, like the Northern Lights or Great Wall of China!


Cook and bake meals and treats together

Cooking will likely be a necessity in your home, but how about making it a pleasure? Cooking together allows the whole family to gather together in one room or area. You then get to work together for a common goal. It could even become a family tradition that you cook together once per week! Each week allow a different family member to pick the meal you will make. Be sure to keep switching tasks each week also, so nobody gets bored! Baking is slightly different, as it tends to be more of a luxury than a necessity. However, this too can be great fun. The chances are with baking that you aren’t working to a deadline of when you want to eat. This can aid in making the activity feel more fun and less stressful.

Update your home together

A cozy family home consists of lots of things. It is a place where you all, from babies to grandparents, feel safe and content. It is also a place that reflects each and every person that lives inside it. That’s why a bit of clutter in a family home isn’t such a bad thing! It’s not a pile of toys on the floor- it’s the game that made your first born laugh that morning. It’s not just dirty washing up in the sink. It’s the leftovers of a shared family meal. So it only makes sense that when it comes to updating the home, you should do it together. The same goes for if you move house. Let everyone have a say in colour schemes, room layouts and flowers in the garden. This will truly make everyone feel like the home is theirs and yours.

How do you spend time as a family?

You’ve been planning this year’s summer family holiday since Christmas, and this is the big one. For the previous few years, you’ve opted for the typical package holidays of a week to a Balearic or a Costa but this time you want to plan a fun road trip around Europe while the kids are small! The excitement that you have felt for the past six months is slowly making way for butterflies and nerves. This is simply because you want everything to go perfectly and you want this holiday to be the dream vacation that you, your husband and your children remember forever. Take a look at these handy tips to make your dream family holiday one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

When it comes to holidays, some things are outside of your control, so they aren’t even worth worrying about. There is nothing you can do if the heavens decide to open on every day of your trip. You can’t prevent a flight delay or an industrial strike. However, there are elements that are within your control that you can make sure go as swimmingly as possible.


If you are taking your car around Europe you’ll want to make sure that it won’t break down and has all the things you need it to manage while its away. Make sure your MOT is up to date with a visit to somewhere like Kwik Fit and speak to the staff about your travels and what you need to purchase to make sure that your car is up to the journey! You’ll also need to make sure you have the right care insurance so check out what temporary insurance you can get from day insure who are specialists in short term and holiday car insurance.


When it comes to budgeting for your holiday, you want to ensure that you set a sensible limit on the amount that you are willing to spend. A dream two weeks spent with your family cannot be spent to the detriment of landing you in uncontrollable debt. Armed with your budget, you’ll need to decide where to save the pennies and where you can afford to be a little more extravagant.


It is always a good idea to plan an itinerary when flying off to distant lands with family. You don’t want to arrive with no plan as you’ll waste time and end up not experiencing things that you know your kids would have loved. Wherever you are going for your dream holiday, research the destination and design a skeleton schedule detailing the activities that you’ll be doing each day. This way, you’ll be getting the most out of your holiday, and they’ll be no wasted moments.

Organise The Kids

Your kids will probably be more excited than you to be going on a big adventure, so it’s great to get them involved in the days running up to your trip. If they are old enough, instil them with a bit of responsibility. Give them their luggage and a list of everything they need to pack, encouraging them to have a go at packing their own suitcases. You could also give them a list of websites exploring the destination that you are travelling to and ask them to make a list of things that they would like to do when there. By integrating some of their personal activity choices into your plans, you are ensuring that the dream holiday is as inclusive as possible for the whole family.

Learn The Lingo

Venturing to a new country where the culture is rich, diverse and different to home is a thrilling way to spend a holiday. It can also quickly turn into a horrendous culture clash if you don’t prepare for your trip. Grab yourself a phrase book and at the very least learn basic greetings and pleasantries in the language of the country that you will be visiting. This shows respect to the people you meet in that country, and they will appreciate your efforts even if your pronunciation is shambolic.

Get yourself some decent maps especially if you’re going a little off the beaten track. GPS and smartphone mapping apps are useful, but nothing beats a good old fashioned ordnance survey. This way, if your phone battery dies, or the GPS signal is lost, you will be able to navigate your family’s safe return to civilisation.

After spending so much time waiting for your holiday to come around, it would be such a shame to see it blighted with hitches that you could have anticipated. Follow this guide and ensure that your holiday becomes the vacation of your dreams.