I have what I am going to call PMLD (post maternity leave depression). View Post

“All mums need a little lift every now and then, whether they’re an exhausted new mum getting by with very little sleep while coming to terms with her new, often overwhelming role as mother, or an experienced mum of three rushing between work and after school activities,” explains Justina Perry, founder of MamaBabyBliss. “We’ve created the Uplifting Bliss Stick to help mums take a short breather, giving her the energy she needs before carrying on with her busy day.” View Post

As Fizz grows older my back seems to get weaker. I thought it was about time to try a more supportive sling after relying on a babasling and a Mothercare carrier for the past few months. View Post

Mama Jewels This Side Next Time Bracelet supplied by www.babylovesshopping.co.uk and is £12.95.
This bracelet is absolutley gorgeous and a great reminder for breatsfeeding mummies. The vibrant red colour of the jewels makes it really fashionable and the material it is used from is safe for both mum and baby. I was really impressed by the practicality of the product. It can be a great reminder of which side next but it also boasts that it can be cold water sterilised – it can! – and the product made of non toxic materials.

Mini Mc was fascinated by the bracelet, we pulled it, chewed it and it did not break and believe me she gave it a good go and so did I.

Baby loves shopping can also be found on twitter as @babylovesshop. I had the pleasure of meeting this mumpreneur last weekend at Brighton’s Baby Expo event. It was lovely to meet such a great lady and it has encouraged me even more to support the mumpreneur!

Munchkin have launched a heat sensitive bath duck and now Fizz is more active at bathtime it seemed a great idea to introduce a vibrant quackity duck into the bathtime routine. View Post