In my experience when you have a summer baby you will be wondering how their first school term came so fast? I know with my daughter she was completely ready and turned 5 during her first term at school, my son however has only just turned 4 and if you go by his adjusted age he should have only turned 4 two and a half  weeks before schools starts this year. I have been asking other mums their tips on how to make this transition flow.

Jess –

“Get everything ready the night before! I lay out all uniform, shoes and make packed lunches etc the night before so it means we have plenty of time in the morning. That way if they want extra cuddles or have a little wobble you won’t be rushing around stressed and will have time to chat about things before they go.”

We have made a big deal about this and we will be packing his school bag with PE kit the day before. Both children have unique backpacks this year and this one that Fizz is taking is perfect for the older children too as it’s not character based but that little more individual and unique! It’s from Personally Presented and at £17.49 is a reasonable price for something personalised.

Beth –

“Be positive and make it exciting for your child. You may be super nervous inside, but more than likely your child will be even more nervous. So make the walk/drive to school really exciting and talk about all the positives such as making new friends and learning new things. This helped my kids a lot.”

I couldn’t agree with this more, I’ll be trying to keep my nerves for him hidden and try. As Jedi went to the pre-school already we are lucky that he has friends and also his teacher is transitioning to his class too so I am hoping that helps!

Victoria –

“I’ll try my best to make sure the kids have a really early bed time the night before, so they’re not tired and we’re up early on the first morning back with plenty of time to get everything ready without rushing.”

This is such a good idea.I will be trying to get the kids into a good routine for the week before school starts back so that summer bedtimes don’t have an impact by the time school starts back!

Anna –

“Include your child/children in the night before prep as much as you can and talk to them about it. Agree how they are going to have their hair so you don’t have a battle in the morning. Read starting school books the night before and ask if they have any questions. Leave plenty of time the first morning and over breakfast ask if they have any questions again but be excited for them and really big it up! Finally if you are teary at the classroom door, don’t let your child see or it will make them cry too! Be brave and walk away and go and get a strong coffee somewhere!!”

That’s such a good idea about their hair as we have so many issues with Fizz and her hair!

Sal –

“Try not to be too intense or over discuss it! making it into a huge deal just builds up the pressure – keep it light, remind them they’re not going to be gone long and focus on after school like watching a film or what they’re favourite tea is so you can get it ready to celebrate a great first day”

I love this idea for the day before! We have some of Fizz’s school friends over the day before for one last day of fun!

What tips do you have for the start of the new school term?


During the hot weather it is so important to make sure that the kids are drinking enough water and avoiding dehydration. Of course they want to go off to play and spend time in the sun but health wise we need to ensure that they are drinking enough to keep well and cool too.

If like me you also struggle to drink water I have found a few ways to help encourage the kids, and myself, to drink more water.

Invest in a water filter jug

We have the jug. You can use it as a jug but it also has the water dispenser option so the kids think it is fun helping themselves without having to lift a heavy jug! We live in a chalky water area so this helps the taste of the water too.

Grab a new water bottle.

We bought ourselves some of these leak free bottles after the kids being sent one each to review. We really love them as the liquid is measured out and they have a handy strap to hang from their scooters. They’re small enough to fit into a bag and don’t leak (nifty cap locking system that is easy for kids to use too)! We found them in TK Maxx for £3.99. You can get an adult size which is nearly double the size.

Add flavour to your water. 

A little bit of flavouring can liven up a drink and if you’re like me and love a bit of zing to your drink add a slice of lemon or lime to your drink to make it a bit tastebud friendlier! I find water a bit boring but want to limit the amount of sugar from squash so slices of fruit, mint or cucumber work well too.

Make it a game.

Who can drink the most water in a day? Every time we empty and refill a bottle tally this up and put a coin or marble in a jar. Make building this healthy habit a game and the kids will be encouraged even more!

How do you encourage your children to keep hydrated?

During the hot weather it is so important to make sure that the kids are drinking enough water and avoiding dehydration.

This week we were invited to go and watch a cricket match by the lovely people at Boundless,who are the shirt sponsor of Sussex Cricket T20 Vitality Blast. We asked grandad to come along as he loves to play and watch so thought it would be the perfect bonding experience for him and our older two.

Boundless is a membership club that helps introduce its members to brilliant activities and family days out . T20 was one of the options for a trip out in Brighton and we thought it was a fun evening out for our family. We went as a family of the children not knowing much about cricket and some of us with a bit more knowledge. I was worried about how the evening would go for us and if attention spans would last!

We had a great view from the Boundless balcony and although we had one fidgety child (Jedi, 4, was a little restless towards the end of the first half) we did well to last. It was nice to introduce the children to a new social community activity and support the Sussex Sharks!

Jedi clapped when everyone else did and he loved the view of the flames coming up as well. I think these added bits made it more fun for the children to watch and encouraged them to get involved too! My 8 and 4 year old have already asked to go back again so they definitely did enjoy it!

I do love anything that makes my life easier as a parent and being able to search local activities in one place is a great time saver. They’ve money saving from days out to savings on health insurance and more – so not just family days out but much more.

What sports do you children enjoy watching and who is their favourite team?


About Boundless

Boundless is a membership club for people who are looking for inspiration on getting the most out of their free time. With a heritage and expertise dating back more than 90 years, Boundless offers its 230,000 members deals on hundreds of unique experiences, events, volunteer activities and things to do. It’s also mutual, so all profits go straight back into the club to benefit members.

To find out more please visit

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool? Things to Consider When Making this Important Decision

Whether or not to homeschool your child can be a very difficult decision to make—one that will impact your child’s life forever. While public schooling is not for everyone, homeschooling isn’t either. As with any other major life decision, adequate research is important in the final decision making process. You want to be sure that you have all the facts, including the positive and negative aspects of both choices, before you make your choice. The following questions should be considered before making this decision.

Do You Have Time?

Making the decision to homeschool your child is not something that should be taken lightly. Homeschooling is a great responsibility for you as a parent. There is much more to it than just going over material for a couple of hours a day. A good homeschool schedule will include experiments, field trips similar to school trips, projects and fun days. Not to mention the time necessary to prepare your lesson plan, grade papers, and come up with ideas for future projects. If you aren’t able to commit the majority of your time to the home schooling process, you should probably take some more time to think about it.

Need Personal Time?

A homeschooling parent often spends almost all of their waking hours with their child. While in theory this can seem like a great aspect of homeschooling, it can get to be overwhelming. Everyone needs a break every now and then. Is there another parent or some form of support system available to give you a break from time to time? Even the most dedicated parent needs a little alone time.

Are You in Agreement?

While homeschooling might be your idea of the best possible form of education for your child, it’s important that you and your spouse both agree. Are you able to financially make it on one income? Is that something that you both want to do? Also, don’t forget to ask your child what they think. This decision will impact them the most and their opinion is important. If they are adamantly against it, they might not be very cooperative.

How Will You Socialize?

Making the decision to homeschool your child gives you the opportunity to have control over who they socialize with. While homeschooling will keep them from possibly falling into the wrong crowd at school, you still need to make an effort to encourage their socialization. You will need to actively make arrangements to get your child together with other children on a regular basis.

Are You Confident?

If the idea of being responsible for your child’s education makes you nervous, that’s okay. However, it is important that you be confident that you are qualified for the job. Your child needs to feel like you know what you’re talking about or they won’t take you seriously. The curriculum and teaching materials will help out a lot with the actual content, but if you have trouble grasping the material, you may need to seek a tutor for a certain subject. Are you prepared to do this?

There are many resources available for parents interested in homeschooling. Taking the time to properly research the pros and cons and talking to a few other homeschooling parents will help you make your final decision. It’s important to also remember that homeschooling can be taken one year at a time. If at any time you decide that it isn’t for you, you can still enroll them in public schools the following year.


Despite knowing the advantages of artificial grass, some general questions always arise in mind. In most cases, you might not need expert assistance for regular cleaning and maintenance of artificial grass. Check the frequently asked questions along with their replies before you finally decide to install the artificial grass. I have been researching a bit more about it before we use some on our small outside space.


Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

People with pets, as well as kids in their houses, tend to worry regarding the allergic effects of the artificial grass. Fret not as artificial grass is safe for everyone. In fact, you may find a big range of artificial grass that has an extra layer of fiber that offers extra protection for children and pets.

How should I maintain artificial grass?

Say goodbye to your hosepipes when you have artificial grass. You only need to keep a close look so that dry leaves or dog poop do not get stuck in the artificial grass.

Can I install artificial grass?

Yes, you may find different DIY grass installation techniques accessible on the internet. However, you may need to purchase some tools to ensure proper installation by yourself. Follow the expert guidelines when begin installing the artificial grass.

Is artificial grass environment friendly?

Yes, artificial grass is very environment friendly. No reports regarding its bad impact on the atmosphere have been found out. You are not needed to spread any chemical or pesticide to keep the grass growing therefore protecting the environment is a best way.

What is used to stick the grass to the surface?

The artificial grass is linked to the surface using powerful adhesives as well as tapes in different cases. If you are taking up a DIY project, it is very important to ensure that the adhesive you are planning to use is from one of the best brands.

Does artificial grass lose its colour?

The only few cases when the artificial grass has begun to lose its colour after a period of 20 years. You may choose a UV protected artificial grass to make sure the grass does not lose its greenery due to sunlight exposure.


We have been looking at getting some artificial grass for our balcony so would love to know if you have used it in a smaller space too!