As a busy mum of three I always have to grab a notebook and organise the week in advance. With work, a blog, school runs and a  nursery drop off and pick up to do as well as the usual after school activities I need to make sure that nothing is forgotten and that I am not overwhelmed. Mapping out the week helps me to do that. Here are a few ways I organise my week:
Make a meal planner.
With 1 fussy eater and 2 hungry boys as well as us grown ups needing to eat I have to plan out the meals for the week. the kids like the structure of knowing what they’re having and it also gives me the shopping list for the week so I don’t over spend.
Set times for work projects.
I set times for my working day and then list around those times. This helps me keep on track with work and the blog, provides a check list which always feels satisfying when ticking off too! It also stops me from logging into social media and procrastinating!
Make sure that clients are happy!
I only work Monday to Wednesday so I need to ensure that my clients work is completed  during those working hours and also that they are happy. I do check my email outside of those times but also set boundaries with contact during my off days too.
Make sure you’re happy!
Each day I try and do something for me. Whether it is reading a book for ten minutes or sitting out on the balcony supping a cuppa. I’ve started doing this before and after work so that I start and finish with something for me. Ten minutes is all it takes. Journal and grab hold of feelings/surroundings/balance.
Plan some fun!
I know for some planning their weekends doesn’t feel very fun but it helps me switch off and concentrate on family time. Fizz has a journal that she is constantly writing in and I’ve suggested we make some lists for the summer holiday so that we can plan out lots of things she’d like to do. I also find that it is good for her mental health to switch off the constant pull of you tube kids.
So how do you organise your time? Let me know if you have any tips!


This half term we have scheduled a trip to Sealife Brighton. We have been gifted annual passes and with half term thunder storms looming we are looking for alternatives to spending a day at the park or beach. The SeaLife centre is one of the few places the kids are still excited to go to.

Late last week I took the youngest one to the complex. The parent and toddler ticket is perfect for this as you can spend as much time wondering around without feeling rushed. He hasn’t been since he was a small baby so it was lovely to see his amazement at the big fish, underwater tunnel and terrapins. He had such fun and I am sure we could have spent all day discovering!

This week I’ll be going again with the older two. The new Sea Stars exhibit looks great but we are really looking forward to Jurassic Stars which is running from 23rd May until the 3rd June. With Jedi learning about dinosaurs and dragons at school this is an ideal time to visit! I love that there is a fossil trail encouraging the kids to look out for certain fossils to discover a hidden word as well as there being arts and crafts. We did have a snack peek of the fossil sand tray which is perfect for little ones too.

If you are in Brighton on a short break this week or even having a staycation then the Brighton Attractions Combi saver is a fabulous idea too!

Let me know what you are getting up to this half term break.

If you are anything like us you want to pop some fun things in your weekend for the kids to do. Whether you are in or out Mardles have a great selection of augmented reality sticker, masks and colouring books to inject a bit of fun into your family time.

We were sent their magic masks to review and I kept them aside for when we had a rainy day. The masks come in all different designs and we were sent 3 for each of the children to try out.

You have to download the free Mardles app to help or masks come to life. The app is easy to open, pop the mask on and wait for the magic to appear on the screen. Each mask has different images that fill the screen once the sensor has picked them up. Fizz took screen shots of her favourites and thought this would be a lovely addition to the birthday party she is planning (for December but thats another blog haha).

The masks are just £3.99 and the kids had great fun with them. We also love their interactive stickers which we are going to donate to the school’s new garden – so much fun to hide and find!


As December moves closer the kids are getting really excited about Christmas and in the lead up to it we are trying to be a bit prepared this year! As soon as the first Christmas ad is on the TV  Fizz has her pens out ready to write her letters to Santa (she helps her brothers too).

BIC sent us a bumper pack of pens suitable for each child’s age. Smallest got crayons, Jedi got washable ink and Fizz got felt tips that you could rub out – she loved this when he made mistakes with her list.

Fizz was the ringleader of this family event, she wrote her list with super speed and then helped (bossed) her brothers around with their lists too. We documented this tradition with a few snaps!

Don’t forget the last post to Father Christmas is 8th December! So are sure you leave plenty of time to get them done.

Here’s the address!

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

It’s really important you write Santa’s address carefully on a stamped envelope. Please be sure that you include your full name and address in your letter so he can write back to you.

One of my earliest memories is of being taken to see Star Wars (or, as the younger fans have come to know it “A New Hope” – bah) aged 3 by my eldest sister. It was my first ever cinema trip, and the combination of a big screen with the incredible world and characters on display made this a defining and formative experience for me. I was hooked then for life, and the saga’s tale of good against evil has informed me in many ways since.

So when I became a father, I naturally took every opportunity to try and share my enthusiasm for this far away galaxy with my children – starting with my eldest daughter, Fizz. When tasked with buying her first teddy bear, she actually got a plush ewok. First opportunity I had, I put the films on – hoping she’d take them close to heart too.

Fortunately for me, she did. And last year, for the first time, we got to go and see a NEW Star Wars movie together for the first time. She loved it – taking immediately to the character Rey, asking for figures and costumes. Not so my much my little princess as my little space hero. I can now imagine what it must have been like for my family, taking an excited little boy to be immersed in this wonderful galaxy.

Now Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is upon us and I’m preparing to take her again now. We have our matching shirts from Sgt Smith and neither one can wait. However, as I write this I’m a little nervous, having already seen the movie last night at midnight (well, as I say – I AM quite a fan). The new film is a brilliant work, but a very dark and downbeat film – far more ‘grown-up’ than other Star Wars movies. However, I’ll be there with her when she needs hugs, will answer any questions she has, and I’m sure she’ll love it.

Because, y’know, the force is strong in my family… 😉