Caring For The Next Generation: How You Can Help

People are always saying children are the future, but unfortunately, when you look out at the world today, many children are not being given the start in life they deserve. While you are caring for your kids, there are other children not as fortunate. So what can you do about it? Here are several ways you can help the next generation.

Give to charity

There are many charities devoted to children. The Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity helps those who are seriously ill, as does Great Ormond Street Hospital. Then there is Save The Children who help young lives in poverty, and the NSPCC who help children who have suffered abuse.

Donating money on a monthly basis can make a difference and it’s something you should encourage your children to take part in. They should be aware that other kids are not as well off as them, no matter how much they moan at you for being a bad mother for feeding them green vegetables. Encouraging your children to look outside of themselves will make them better people, as well as helping those children who need the special care charities provide.


Many children are growing up without parents and are lost in the foster care system. While there are many decent care homes, children always flourish better with the love and care found in a domestic home. Unfortunately, a lot of these children have behavior problems due to a poor upbringing, and a lack of trust in other adults. However, if you have a heart to care, you can make a difference and correct the problems in their lifestyle and attitudes.

Fostering can be short or long-term, so be aware that these children may be moved back into their parents home at some point in the future. Unless you go down the adoption route, you need to be prepared to say goodbye at some point, though there will always be other children who will benefit from your care.


As somebody who cares for children, there are many ways to volunteer. For example, local schools are often in need of extra adults to help children with their reading, as well as extra-curricular activities. There will also be uniformed groups in your area, such as beaver and cub scouts, so you may have the skills required to help them. Alternatively, you may help out at a nearby youth club if you have a gift in working with older children.

Engage your own children

We have already talked about getting your children involved with charities, but you should go one step further. Encourage your kids to support others at school, such as those who feel left out or who are being bullied. Giving your children the tools to be proactive in the lives of others will benefit them forever.

Within all of this, you need to be a good role model and not neglect the needs of your own children. When they experience the care you give to them, you are teaching them the importance of caring for others, no matter what sacrifice is involved.


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