Burnt out – 4 ways to avoid travel fatigue

Burnt out – 4 ways to avoid travel fatigue 

Is there anything better than having the opportunity to see the world? When we start to plan our big travel adventures, we plan everything down to the very last detail. Cramming in heaps of activities, once in a lifetime moments and occasionally stopping to indulge in some local cuisine. However, because we don’t want to miss a single thing and want to make the most of our time away from the predictability of everyday life, it often leads to tiredness, fatigue and can even make us vulnerable to illness. Certainly something we want to avoid on the trip of a lifetime!

So, what can be done? Well, pacing yourself and avoiding a travel burn out is certainly advisable! Wondering where to start? Read on for my 4 ways to avoid travel fatigue. But before you hop aboard that plane, have you arranged travel insurance? Having a policy in place will ensure that you’re covered for any mishap, illness, or misfortune that might occur on the road. Discover more about international travel medical insurance by clicking the link.

Take your time

It’s normal to want to cram in as much as possible. But do you really get to enjoy your travel experiences and highlights when you’re constantly looking at the clock and waiting to move on to the next thing? Whether you’re travelling across a continent or you’re discovering a city for a few days before heading back home again, make sure you slow your pace and take your time. A slower, more relaxed travel schedule or itinerary is far more enjoyable and also a much healthier way to discover the world.

Don’t be afraid to pay a little more

Comfort and travel should go hand in hand. So, don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for some additional comforts. From a single room with a private bathroom, to upgrading your flight to business class. 

Make time for rest and relaxation

When you booked your trip, maybe you had a budget in mind. There’s nothing wrong with that of course – it’s the best way to travel! However, if you’re on the road for a considerable amount of time, the lack of sleep, a lumpy bed in a hostel, constant party atmosphere, endless walking, travelling long distances and the inability to get a good night’s sleep will take its toll. Put a little money aside to enjoy a nice, peaceful night in a quality hotel. Take full advantage of a hot bath, room service and good TV. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries before heading off again. If you’re only travelling for a few days, why not include a spa session in your itinerary? 

Look after your body

Tired, grumpy, no energy and feeling miserable? The classic symptoms of not looking after yourself. When we’re on the road, we tend to go for convenience food, not worry about the lack of sleep and forget about our need to drink water. In order to keep your energy levels up and avoid feeling like a zombie, make sure you’re eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, getting plenty of sleep and staying hydrated! 


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