#BlogBumpClub // Pregnant With My Third

I’m a little bit later for my weekly pregnancy update this week. That’s because I’ve had an epic nap this afternoon!

This week my jeans have started to feel a little tight so Gav will be popping down to get the charity shop bag from our storage area this weekend to get out the comfy over bump jeans I bought for Froglets bump.

Nausea has increased but is still irregular. It’s like a lump in my throat a lot and is like the feeling I had with Fizz when she was a bump. I’ve not yet been sick and managed to avoid the Norovirus which Gav has been suffering with this week.

Bump wise my little pup is turning from blueberry size to a raspberry and this week the cells start to decide what gender the baby will be. We’ve found out with both of our children so far and We’ve been pondering the idea of having a surprise for number 3!

Little pups bump looks bigger this week but it’s still feels as though it’s down to bloating – although raspberry is very apt for this week

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