Bubble: Making Finding A Babysitter Easier

As a parent with limited support available for babysitting it can be quite hard to have a night out. Bubble is an app that aims to give parents time off while also providing a platform for families to source trusted baby-sitters.

When our usual babysitter called in sick a few weeks ago and we had gig tickets it became the perfect place to find someone to look after the children at short notice. The Bubble team check out each baby-sitter and the baby-sitters we have used so far have all sent us references and DBS before coming to sit for us.

The great thing about Bubble is there is such a huge range of sitters you will find the right person for you. We chose on reviews and experience so we knew that our sitters were credible and reliable.

Our first sitter Caryn had a lot of experience. We decided to go for her after chatting online and seeing her reviews and DBS. She arrived 15 minutes early and so we had time to do a handover and run through everything we needed to. She was fabulous with our very nervous 3 year old who doesn’t like having a babysitter. Caryn kept in touch with us via text and also let us know when all the children were asleep. After the sit you pop in the end time via the app, can add extra if you’d like and then are invited to review (essential to the babysitter’s credibility) and then rebook if you know when you need them again.

Our second sit experience was during the day. Again we chose someone perfect for our smallest, who had DBS and relevant experience. This time I was at home during the sit and having Darcy around meant I got work done and then could enjoy the rest of the day without feeling work/family balance pressure. We have had Darcy back in the evening too and again the professionalism in keeping in touch and how she fits into our family is great.

The Bubble platform is fabulous. Although we do have a regular babysitter is is fab to have a back up plan. The babysitter show their rates of pay so it is all out in the open from the beginning, Bubble charge parents a booking fee of £3.50 per sit or £4.99 for a monthly subscription. They are soon to be introducing a commission-based platform fee for babysitters on a sliding scale percentage fee and although I am not entirely comfortable with this I do understand that for the platform to run that they need to make money. I have been told that they will look at a monthly subscription from the babysitters side rather than a percentage fee in the future so I do hope that this will feel more transparent (I find percentages can feel confusing) then a sliding scale.

Overall Bubble does have a great place in the market to be a fabulous parent support network especially for those that don’t have any support nearby – for freelancing it’s great to pay for a sitter when you need it and for the hours you need.

Disclaimer: I was given a £50 credit to test bubble out which I used on my first two sits, however I have since used the platform and paid myself. All views are my own.


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