Brighton // The Foodini Club

Brighton // The Foodini Club

Teaching the children about food is really important to me and I often struggle with ideas on how to get them excited about learning, especially as the boys are still young.

I was recently introduced to a new brand called Foodini Club and fell in love with their product. The Foodini Club Home Kits.

With the rise of ‘fussy eaters’ the Foodini Club kits are a way of bringing the fun back to mealtimes and taking the focus away from eating. Kids are encouraged to help prepare the meal and really get their hands dirty.

You start off by choosing our box size (either 1 or 2 recipes) and the duration of your subscription. The boxes are then packed with measured out ingredients and food and packed into your box along with recipes cards and a bonus free item.

The recipes on offer from Foodini Club all use locally sourced, seasonal fruit and veg, plus organic/fairtrade flours and dry goods. They use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup in small quantities. They don’t include dairy items to allow you to chose non-dairy if required.

The box also includes recyclable or compostable containers making it kind for the environment!

The recipe cards are beautifully designed and illustrated for the kids to follow. They give you all the info you need including any extra items required, like an egg or even a baking tray.  The backs of the recipe cards include foodies facts to help the kids learn as well as a breakdown of the recipe again.

The bonus free gift in each box is there to encourage additional play and experimentations around food.  Whether that’s seeds to plant and grow, home made play dough crafting or other activities, it’s a great way of keeping the process fun and exciting.

The subscriptions are available in either 3 or 6 months (the longer the subscription, the better the discount). Alternatively you can simply try it for a month and see how you get on.

As you can see form the photos, this really is a beautifully designed product and has certainly captured the fun of cooking with kids.

If you’ve got a fussy eater, a family who struggle to eat a variety or a child who loves helping you in the kitchen, then why not try out a Foodini Club Home Kit for yourself and bring the fun back into food.


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