Brighton Bloggers Meet Up: More about me.

This saturday I am meeting some lovely new bloggers at the Brighton Blogger event arrange by Lola and Behold.

This excites me as I am emerging from 3 years of baby haze and back into trying to find who I am and what I love. It’s not secret that I set up this new blog as I believe that everyone is unique/chic in their own way.

Eventually this space will be my new home.

But in the meantime here is a little bit more about me (in a list stylee that is similar to one I wrote for an online website which led me to my partner).

My name is Michelle – I like to be called Chelle. It’s not a fncy prononciation just drop the Mi.

I am 34 but I still feel like I am a teenager – learning so much and absorbing like a sponge.

I don’t like foundation or concealer – that was until I found Benefits Fake Up.

I love, love, love Benefit make up but can’t afford it much.

I am a hippy at heart with an edge of rock chic/indie kid.

I am married to Gav and have a 3 yr old daughter nicknamed online as Fizz – this page will be where you will find my mummy diary (which was originally on Seaside Chelle)

I run my own social media business where I support small business. My business model is on a flexible working mode for me and my team and often we work from home which means I don’t charge high fees.

I like angsty girly singers like Shirley Manson, Courtney Love as well as quite folky stuff. So Indie/Folk and a bit of They Might Be Giants (the kids stuff;))

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