Brighton // Alcampo Lounge

Yesterday I took for Fizz out to try somewhere new for breakfast and she asked to try Alcampo Lounge on London Road. Her reason being she loved all the pictures on the walls.

Walking in this lounge definitely has lots of character with its mismatch of sofas/chairs and general decor. Every inch of wall is covered in artwork. 

Fizz went for her usual pancakes and maple syrup which she really enjoyed. Especially as they had dusted it with icing sugar!

I went for the lounge breakfast which was really lovely and felt like home cooked. The sausage pattie was slightly charred but too small for my liking but everything else was nicely done. 

The bill came to under £12 with drinks included. 

I’ll be visiting again as it seems like quite a nice place for a freelancer to hang out and work. There was plenty of space so you needn’t feel overcrowded but a little company is good for the soul too!


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